May 22 Public Opinion Report

1. Azziad and Ringtone – Ringtone and Azziad are involved in some creative work together and we look forward to whatever they’ll release. They released a couple of photos to make the public interested and raise the anticipation for their project. In a comic display of stupidity and gullibility, some started spreading the rumor that the two were in a relationship and that Azziad was pregnant. It’s unbelievable that based on the photo evidence presented below, people could actually buy that story. However, some did and have already started predicting doom for the non-existent relationship. Some think that there is more gossip about the issue and are calling on Edgar Obare to do what he does.

2. Sauti Sol Insecure – The “Insecure” song by Sauti Sol, released this morning has been received unanimously well. Kenyans relate to the concept of insecurity in the song and the jam is proving irresistible to many. Within the first two hours of its release, it had gotten to 70,000 views on YouTube and it’s expected to perform really well. Everyone likes at least one thing about the song. Those who don’t vibe with the song itself love the professionally done video and the setting or the instrumentation. To sum it up, Kenyans are proud of Sauti Sol.

3. Meru and Kindiki Kithure – “It is our constitutional right to be stupid,” Moses Kuria. The next target of Jubilee’s purging is thought to be Kindiki Kithure. Meru people have come out to defend their person, saying that removing him from his Deputy Speaker position is equivalent to betraying the Meru nation. It appears that the average Meru Kenyan has been benefiting greatly through Kindiki’s position. This benefit will now cease, which is why the Meru people have threatened to withdraw their support to Uhuru. Again, it appears that Uhuru, who is finishing his second term as president, desperately needs the support of the Meru people. Some are even intelligent enough to point out that the Kikuyu people have betrayed the Meru people through the actions of one Kikuyu man, Uhuru. May God have mercy on us.

4. Murathe – Murathe has for a long time been viewed as an old guy who excels in tribal incitement and who was fighting for political relevance. He has now managed to convincingly portray himself as Uhuru’s mouth piece. Today, he announced that Aden Duale was off the hook in the ongoing Jubilee purging. He also said that Ruto had committed a very serious crime against the President, which is why Jubilee is considering his impeachment. After recent events, Kenyans have learned to take him seriously. However, some still consider him a stupid old man and pity the President who takes such a man’s advice.

5. Nelson Havi – The LSK president has been on the government’s case for some time now. He has declared the ongoing curfew unconstitutional and has pointed out that the NMS was unlawfully established. He has also criticized the establishment of an Economic Recovery Council and the Jubilee Purge, saying that they are retrogressive and will take us back to the days of KANU. His latest criticism against the ruling party concerns the removal of Kindiki from the Deputy Speaker position. Following this, some are viewing him as a member of the Deputy President’s political camp, claiming that he is opposing the government under the guise of the LSK. Others have asked the LSK president to mind his business, warning that if he doesn’t, it won’t end well for him. Maybe the fact that there is so much to criticize about the government simply shows that the ruling party doesn’t uphold the constitution and the rule of law and we should stop attacking the LSK president for doing his job.

6. The Hague – Tanga Tanga, in an attempt to defend Kindiki, have pulled out the Hague card. They say that Kindiki was representing Uhuru at the ICC and that Uhuru repays loyalty by betrayal. The President’s supporters have pointed out that lawyers are paid for representation and that their argument is absurd.

7. State House – A meeting between the President and Senators was held this morning at the State House ahead of the Senate meeting to remove Kithure Kindiki. Majority of Senators from both Jubilee and NASA are said to have attended the meeting. The President’s supporters have been ridiculing Tanga Tanga Senators, especially nominated ones like Millicent Omanga, daring them to fail to attend.

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