May 26 Public Opinion Report

1. Ruto – The sustained attack on Ruto has grown serious. In the past 3 days, Ruto has been accused of distributing poisoned food to kill Kikuyus, of plotting to kill the President and today, of being a wife beater. Influencers have accused Ruto of physically abusing his wife based largely on the evidence of a couple of photos. The photos show Rachel Ruto with some scars that did not exist some time ago. The source of the scars is being attributed to domestic violence. Some Kenyans on twitter believe this narrative. The majority, however, are of the opinion that the latest accusation is a hit below the belt; and that it shows the lengths to which opponents of Ruto are willing to go.

2. Sonko – There has been an uproar on twitter after members of the Sonko Rescue Team were arrested while distributing food and other materials to residents of Kariobangi. They were arrested for not maintaining the 1 meter social distancing rule. Kenyans have discredited the reason for the arrest and are of the opinion that malicious people opposed to Sonko are doing everything in their power to frustrate him. It doesn’t matter to the opponents of Sonko that they are denying help to people who badly need it. The attack on Sonko Rescue Team has been going on for a while now. Despite a court order against the demolition of sanitation booths erected by the team, the demolition continued. Kenyans have now called for the so called cartels to stop harassing Sonko and derailing genuine efforts to help people.

3. Ledama – Senator Ledama has renounced his claim to the Chairmanship of the Senate PAC committee and apologized to the ODM party after meeting with Raila. Kenyans have several schools of thought on the matter. One group thinks that Ledama is a coward who took the first opportunity to sacrifice his values. Another group thinks that he is eyeing the Senate Deputy Speaker’s seat which just opened up after Kindiki Kithure’s removal. There are also some who think that, after fresh reports of tribally instigated violence in Narok, Ledama needs Raila’s cleansing power now more than ever. In addition, some think that Raila maliciously advised Uhuru to drop the likes of Murkomen because they were party rebels only for him to turn around and embrace the rebels in his own party; thus weakening Jubilee.

4. Ruto Empowering Women – Ruto influencers, led by Denis Itumbi, did not take the #RutoTheWifeBeater hashtag lying down. They reiterated with the hashtag #RutoEmpowersWomen, to focus on everything Ruto has been doing for women in the country through the InuaMama initiative. Still, opponents of Ruto found ways to turn even this hashtag against Ruto, as you will see in the tweet embeds below.

5. The Marini Campaign – Marini Naturals is a natural healthcare line in Kenya. They have been working on a promotion campaign and released some of the photos today. The campaign stars Rue Baby and Naiboi among others. It is good except for one thing: Kenyans are confused about what the campaign is advertising. Some, who did not know Marini, concluded that it was a lingerie or skin care line. Whatever the intentions of the campaign, it got one thing right: Twitter has been abuzz with Marini Naturals talk for the better part of the day. Some expect Marini to introduce a skin care line soon. If not, then the campaign will turn out to have been completely misdirected.

6. Narok Clashes – 3 people were killed and property burned in Narok South as a result of tribal clashes between the Maasai and Kipsigis. The tribal tension has been blamed on politicians. Ledama Olekina, who has in the past been connected to hate speech, has been mentioned. The clashes have been interpreted as a signal that if we are not careful in 2022, the post election violence we’ve suffered through before could occur. It has also been taken as a reminder of the devastating and deep rooted consequences of the divisive politics that our politicians have developed a habit of using.

7. Marriage Drama in Kisii – A video of a Kisii man angrily lecturing his wife has been trending on twitter. The video is mostly in Abagusii, but there are bits of Swahili and English. It turns out that the woman has denied her husband conjugal rights and dominates him. In the video, she does very little talking and as a way of replying to her husband’s remarks, embarks on a martial arts display, probably with the intention of intimidating him into silence. Kenyans have commended the man for choosing to take a video of the incident and sharing it on social media as opposed to physically assaulting the woman and probably killing her or dying himself. However, some think that the people in the video are happily married and acting.

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