May 6 Trend Report

1. Eastleigh – The government declared that there would be a cessation of movement in and out Eastleigh after a sharp increase in the number of cases. Kenyans were mostly concerned about the police brutality that would result from the enforcement of this order. There appears to be widespread mistrust of the police among the public and it is feared that the order will be seen by the police as an excuse to maim and even kill citizens.

2. coronaviruske – Kenyans have been celebrating the announcement that quarantine will be free moving onwards. After the announcement that Eastleigh would be under lockdown, people from Eastleigh are reportedly moving to South C and other nearby areas. It is the opinion of some that movement should be restricted even in such areas.

3. SonkoHeadsToICC – After it was reported that Sonko was headed to the ICC, Kenyans have generally been on his side. Most doubt the reasoning behind the move to sue at the ICC but they seem to be eager for any way out of the country’s predicament. Meanwhile, other Kenyans laughed at Sonko, reminding him how he once defended the likes of Uhuru at the ICC and how he is now going to that same institution for help.

4. UhuruMustGo – The people’s discontent with their president continues to be clearly expressed. There seems to be a widespread belief that Kenyans made a mistake in voting the President in and that he has failed the country. There are no Kenyans coming out to defend the President. They all seem united in the belief that Uhuru must go.

5. NairobiMilitarized – After seven military officers were approved to join Nairobi Metropolitan Services, Kenyans have begun crying foul. It is believed that this is only the beginning and that militarization of government will soon be normalized. Senator Kipchumba Murkomen’s statement, that there is no way to hold military men accountable, seems to be echoed by Kenyans.

6. FreeKariobangiMCA – Kenyans are angry and are demanding the release of Kariobangi MCA, who was arrested after he was found giving foodstuff to Kariobangi residents.

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