The long awaited inter-classes tournament final will be held tomorrow on Friday, in the evening. The teams that made it to the final are Gegis 2.2 and B. Com 4.1. The two teams will be facing each other to determine this tournament’s champion, who gets to walk away with the fattest goat out of the three that are up for grabs. The loser still gets to walk away with the less preferable goat.

The play offs will also be held tomorrow with Mechatronics going against Bpsm to determine who gets to eat the third goat. The tournament has been interesting and eventful, with many students appearing to cheer on their respective class teams. It was originally supposed to end on Wednesday but due to a conflict in the quarter final stage, one extra day was added.

Tomorrow, we’ll publish an article titled “NIPE FOM,” in which we will outline all the events that are going down this weekend in and around Kimathi, enabling you to choose the event of your choice and enjoy your weekend. If you have an event that you think we should add to that list, please leave it as a comment below.

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