Meet the Delegate Candidates in Actuarial Science

Below is a list of the prospective candidates for the delegate position in the Actuarial Science Department, School of Science. The purpose of these lists is to enable comrades to compare the prospective candidates side by side and make better decisions in the elections. That way, DeKUT ends up with better delegates and better leaders.

Services offered at comrade prices

To get featured in the list, each delegate is paying sh 250 – which has brought upon us the criticism of certain people. The reason for the charges is because DekuTrends has to handle the costs of running. Without getting money, DekuTrends would cease to exist and DeKUT would have lost the one thing that unites us. We will deal with that issue towards the end of the article. First, the candidates for delegate positions in the department of Actuarial Science.

1. Lisa Juma is a student in the 4.1 Actuarial Science Class. She has been the representative for her class since first year up to date. She is the Community Service Director for the Rotaract Club of Dekut. She says that if elected, she will help choose leaders who are disciplined in sticking to their promises and who identify problems and find practical, realistic and impactful solutions.

2. Lynette Njeri Wanjiku is looking to be elected as delegate the second time. Asked why she should be entrusted with the delegate seat again, she points to the achievements of the outgoing Dekutso leadership eg erection of bumps on the highway, a proposal to remunerate class reps and an ongoing plan to provide wi-fi throughout the school. She therefore pledges to help elect a Dekutso office which will have a record of achievement that is as good as that of the outgoing leaders.

3. Daniel Mwangi alias Dan Mwangi is a first year Actuarial Science student. He describes himself as an individual with a passion for a cause that is larger than he is and says that he has a vision which will better comrades. He is the representative of his class, a position which he says has helped him understand some of the predicaments of comrades. If elected delegate, he promises to elect leaders who will boldly fight for comrades rights and work for the safety and prosperity of comrades.

4. Vincent Omondi Odiera is also a potential delegate in the Actuarial Science Department. He approached us to be featured and when he discovered that he would have to part with sh 250, he started a campaign against us, accusing DekuTrends of being “corrupt, shameful and primitive.” Naturally, we have to respond to these accusations and leave comrades to decide the truth for themselves. Vincent also stated that he doesn’t need DekuTrends because he has, “1000 followers on Instagram, 200 on Twitter and over 2000 on Facebook.”

Meet Vincent

At the risk of forcefully marketing Vincent to our thousands of Dekut readers, publicity which our accuser says that he does not need, we will dedicate space and time to respond to the allegations because we want the truth to be known.

The first accusation we will respond to is that of being corrupt. It’s a ridiculous accusation, really. It seems that our accuser does not know the meaning of the word corruption and is not familiar with the concept of a business. DekuTrends is a business founded by Dekut students who wanted a platform to unite Dekut. A business receives money in exchange for the products and services it offers its clients. The fact that a university student can refer to the operations of a business as corruption is honestly beyond understanding. It’s also sad.

Which product are we offering the delegates we feature? We are giving them exposure to over a thousand comrades a day who read our popular articles.

1149 comrades from Dekut read the recent article

Again, allow us to explain a vital point. The 1149 people who visited the website yesterday and the 3049 unique devices that have accessed the website in the last few days, as shown in the screenshot above, are from Dekut. The 3000 people who follow Vincent on social media are scattered around the country. Only a few of them have votes in DeKut. On the other hand, our readers are from Dekut and have votes here. Moreover, they can influence other comrades in Dekut to vote. Therefore, comparing the two audiences shows a deeply worrying lack of understanding and a criminal stupidity in an individual whom we are supposed to entrust with the duty of determining who leads DeKUT.

It is such delegates who are convinced to vote for a leader simply because they have been taken to White Rhino for lunch. Delegates who don’t have the ability to critically assess leaders and determine the best. A delegate who thinks 1000 followers on Instagram can get you more votes than 1000 comrades who read the student website is the same delegate who can vote in someone as President because he has a nice hairstyle instead of looking at his capability.

With this in mind, by stating that he “does not need” DekuTrends to win, our accuser is simply saying that he dose not need Dekut comrades. Because it is Dekut comrades who visit our site and it is them who vote in the delegates. Clearly, he thinks that he is somehow better than normal comrades because he has 2000 friends on Facebook and 200 followers on twitter. Such pride is baffling. It’s distasteful. It is the type that we are warned against in the Bible: “When pride comes, then comes disgrace.”

In addition to criminal stupidity and truckloads of arrogant pride, another discovery led us to add “pathological lying” to the cv of our accuser. It turns out the 1000 followers on Instagram are actually 159 followers. We were not shocked when this was discovered because it is exactly what you would expect from such a person.

Having thus insulted the intelligence of Dekut students, one wonders how he expects to win. Does he think that actuarial science students are fools? But he stated that he does not need Dekut students because he has thousands of friends on Facebook. He expects them to help him win. Clearly, his brain is clouded by arrogance. That’s the only way to explain such behavior. Anyway, we wish him luck because now that his true character has been exposed, he will need all the luck in the world to win by the help of his 200 followers on Twitter.

The whole thing is funny because unlike in other cases, we are not the ones who approached him, he is the one who approached us, meaning that he needed that publicity which he is now shaming. Additionally, he had the option of simply declining to pay. There are some who were happy to pay for the service and some who did not need to pay.

He had the option of simply failing to pay and depending on his Facebook friends for victory in Dekut. Instead, he chose to tarnish the reputation of DekuTrends. One wonders what he hoped to achieve from smearing our name. It’s honestly astonishing how a human being can make such errors in judgement.

I suppose God works in mysterious ways because in the process of DekuTrends being forced to defend our reputation, the true arrogant nature and poor judgement of this individual has been unearthed and a potential disaster in the Actuarial Science electoral college averted. A result for which we can’t help but be thankful for.

DekuTrends will continue undeterred in its struggle to unite DeKUT, even in the face of such unfortunate enemies of progress. We are building a platform through which a single article can reach more than half of DeKUT. And we are already near the half mark point. Out of a population of around 7000, more than 3000 students visit DekuTrends already. This is a platform for our leaders to reach us. It is a platform for those comrades with businesses to reach fellow Dekut comrades and sell them their products and services. It is a platform to ensure a thriving environment and unity for Dekut comrades. Because united we prosper, divided we fall.

We will continue to empower Dekut comrades to make better choices for delegates by continuing the release of lists of potential delegates. If you’re a delegate and would like to be featured or you would like to market your business to Dekut comrades, WhatsApp 0703154483

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And as the elections approach, may God help comrades discern the wolves in sheeps’ clothing who want only to profit themselves in such positions as that of delegate.

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