Money Monday: How Are Students Making Money?

1. Online Writing

Online writing is one of the ways in which a good number of comrades are making really good money. It is part of the broader concept of online freelancing. Online freelancing is where you sell your skill to someone online. The skills that are currently in demand include coding, web design, logo and poster design and writing. This article will focus on online writing. We will be looking at the other freelancing skills in later articles under the Money Monday column.

What is online writing?

Online writing under freelancing entails a lot, including but not limited to: copy-writing, article writing, blog post writing, academic writing and product review writing. As a comrade, you can make money using all of the above. I will only focus on academic writing because it’s what most students are using to make money. Academic writing usually involves doing assignments for lazy students who live abroad and have money. Before we go on, let me give you an idea of what online writers make.

How much are we talking about?

I know of a friend of mine who has been doing online writing for about three years now. He has not graduated yet but he’s a millionaire. I’m not talking about one million but several millions of money. What this example should tell you is that online writing can be very lucrative. However, my friend is extremely hard working and dedicated; which explains the millions. Hard work in the right direction always pays.

Aside from him, I know of multiple people who graduated and are living off the money they make writing online. My point is that you can make a career out of online writing – a good one. If you are willing to work really hard, you can even make millions while still in school like my friend. Considering all the joblessness in our country, it’s something you should think about.

On average, as a beginner, one page of work should get you sh.300. It may take you 5 hours or

What is the cost of entry?

Unlike the many other online money making schemes that exist, online writing does not require a direct cash investment to begin. This is because it’s more like traditional work, unlike those other methods, which we’ll be reviewing in future articles.

Before you can become a doctor, you have to learn how to be a doctor. This is the case with online writing. You have to learn how to write well. One of the challenges that comrades face while venturing into online writing is English. English is a third language for us yet we’re expected to write it like natives. Academic writing will make you question your knowledge of English. If you’re to succeed, you’ll need to learn English.

You also have to learn various writing and referencing styles like APA, MLA, Harvard and Chicago styles. Another field that you’ll have to master is that of research. You will need to be able to use search tools like the internet effectively so that you can find the correct, timely and relevant information from among the usually large sea of information at your disposal.

All this can be difficult to learn for some people.


A reliable internet connection, a laptop for writing and a smartphone for efficient communication are all the materials you need for online writing.

Skills Needed

If you’re to make it in the world of online writing, you need the following skills:

  1. Pitching – You have to know how to convince a potential client that you are the best man or woman for the job. If you can’t, you will starve.
  2. Maintaining a portfolio – You will need to be able to show potential clients what you can do. Samples of your previous work will come in handy.
  3. Time Management – All the tasks you’ll be given will have deadlines. If you can’t manage your time well and complete tasks in time, you won’t survive.
  4. Networking – As a beginner, you will need to convince the local bosses of the industry that you can work for them. Let me explain this a bit. To interact directly with the foreign clients requires that you have an account with writing companies like UpWork and IWriter. Opening an account with such companies is usually difficult. So the people who have such accounts become the big fish who are relied on by the small fish to give them jobs. As a small fish, you will have to find a way to get a big fish somewhere to give you jobs.

What are the Challenges?

  1. Pressure. Online writing tasks often require research in domains that you have no knowledge about. Such research is often frustrating and tiresome. Add to that the pressure of working with short duration deadlines and you are likely to feel like your head will blow up every once in a while. If you can’t deal with such pressure, don’t do this. However, if you want the money, you might have to find a way to deal with it.
  2. Exhaustion. Online writers often have sleepless nights trying to finish their tasks within deadlines. They have to use their brains a lot for long periods of time.
  3. Failure in your studies. Online writing can be very demanding, especially if you love that money. It is probable that you will be left with no time and energy for your course work, leading to supplementaries, retakes, repeats and discontinuations. Balance between your course work and a lucrative online career is delicate. If you suspect that you won’t be able to balance, be prepared to win in one area and lose in the other.
  4. Off peak season. There are seasons where jobs are scarce. If online writing is to be your major source of income, you will have to learn how to save for the rainy days. Otherwise, you will find yourself in an unfortunate fix.


  1. Some of the current online money making methods are pyramid schemes that don’t last. The good thing with online writing is that it has been here for more than a decade. It’s safe to say that it’s going nowhere. There will always be a blog looking for freelance writers or a writer looking to proofread or edit their work.
  2. Online writing also exposes you to a lot of knowledge and expands your way of thinking, which for me is a plus.


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