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A couple of months ago, DekuTrends started the Influencer of the Week article, which we have been releasing on Saturdays. At the heart of the launch of this article was our desire to unite Dekut, which drives nearly everything we do. We also aimed to recognize the best among Dekut comrades and appreciate them. The people we have featured have, in one way or the other, been influential. Some of them are popular. Others are leaders and politicians. Some of them have done praise-worthy and remarkable things in Dekut.

Some Influencers of the Week have been received well by our readers. Some have been wildly popular, with their articles breaking readership records. But others have brought us criticism. All along, we have been faced by the question: What is influence? And more specifically, what is influence in Dekut? Luckily, we have the opportunity to find out. And this time, it won’t be us choosing. You comrades will have the final say. I’m talking about the Comrades’ Choice Awards, 2020 where you get to vote for the Most Influential Gentleman and Lady in Kimathi. We decided to call them King and Queen of the Year. To learn more about the categories and sponsors of the CCA Awards 2020, click here.

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Before we go on, this week’s winner from the comments section is Ndege Festus Oduor, an engineering student, for the comment, “Open the door and leave… without guilt and assume you don’t know anything.” He gave the comment in reply to Alan Shadowrine’s story, “The Thing I did in the Ladies Washroom at Freedom Hall.” Keep commenting on our articles for a chance to win as part of our “Join The Discussion” initiative. We started this initiative to create one platform where Dekut comrades can discuss issues. Our comments section is like a WhatsApp group with the difference that it can accommodate every comrade in Dekut. Let’s keep the discussion alive.

In this article, we look at the most popular Influencers of the Week, both Ladies and Gentlemen. All of the comrades we mention are worthy candidates for the King and Queen of the Year Comrades Choice Awards. Let us know what you think about them in the comments section at the bottom of the page and stand a chance to win sh 500 next week.

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Miss Kimathi

Her name is Steph. She is a fourth year civil engineering student and is the reigning Miss Kimathi. She is a motivation to ladies in Dekut, especially those who are interested in modelling and fashion and is very passionate about the success of ladies. Her article is one of our most popular. You can read it here.

Victor Karanja

Alias MCA, Victor Karanja is arguably the most influential person in the School of Business, which makes up a huge part of the Dekut population. He has been a class rep since first year and has also been a delegate. Moreover, he is a political strategist and is one of the kingmakers in Dekut politics. He is also a businessman and has had the proprietorship of the student center cafeteria. Read his influencer of the article here.

Alex Njuguna

Alex aka Chief is a fourth year Electrical Engineering Student. He is the founder and chairperson of the Dekut Teknocrats club. He was a commissioner in the ECK during the last elections. He was voted in as delegate in first year and has been the representative for his class all along. As a departmental representative, he is one of the most influential people in the School of Engineering. Read his influencer of the week article here.

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Purity Mwende

She is an 18 year old fourth year B Com student. She is the outgoing Dekutso Vice chairperson and the Makueni University Students Association Logistics Director. She has been the one responsible for dealing with online bundles during the period of online learning. She is the chair of the academics committee. Read here article here.

Brilliant Ruto

Miss Ruto was the one who sparked off the conversation that caused Enhanced CATs to be done away with. She demonstrated fearlessness as a leader, which earned her the Influencer of the Week spot. As a result of her influence and that of others, more than 1500 signatures were appended to a petition against the enhanced cats. She has been a delegate. She is a skilled debater and is one of the leading members of the debate club. She is the CEO of Fusion, a writing art non-governmental organization. Read her Influencer of the Week article here.

John Theuri

Theuri is without doubt one of the most influential people in Dekut. He is also among the most influential young people in Nyeri. The fifth year student is the outgoing Dekutso President. He has been a class rep, a delegate and a faculty rep. He has served as Chairperson of the Dekut debate club and President of the Equity Nyeri Leaders’ Club. Read his Influencer of the Week article here.

Faith Muthoni

She is the newly elected president of the Rotaract Dekut Club, one of the most prestigious clubs in Dekut. The fourth year engineering student has held various other positions in Rotaract. Read her Influencer of the Week article here.

Kenneth Wanzala

Wanzala is a leather technology student and the chairperson of the Dekut Christian Union, which is the largest faith based organization in the campus. Read his Influencer of the week article here.

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Cecilia Maina

Cecilia is the outgoing Gender and Disability Mainstreaming Secretary. She is passionate about including gentlemen in the gender conversation and has made significant strides towards that in her leadership. Read her Influencer of the Week Article here.

Kihonge Kagiri

Kihonge is the outgoing Dekutso Sports, Entertainment and Security secretary. He is a leather technology student and has served as a delegate before. Read his Influencer of the Week article here.

Sharon Nyaga

Sharon is a fourth year B Com student and the outgoing Dekutso treasurer. She has been presiding over the Finance, Investment and Tendering committee, which determines who will be assigned Dekutso investments such as the food shop and the printing shop. She has been the EKUSA treasurer and has served in the Dekut Catholic Action leadership. Read her Influencer of the Week article here.

Sabul The Bull

Sabul is the former Dekutso Secretary General. During his term, he epitomized comrade service and leadership, so much such that the CCA 2020 Comrade Servant of the Year award is named after him. Even though no longer in office, he is still one of the most influential people in Dekut and is loved and respected by many. Read his influencer of the week article here.

Love Mwendwa

Love is an Engineering student. She has been a class rep since first year. She has also been a delegate in the past. It would not be a surprise if she was in the next Dekutso. Read her Influencer of the Week article here.

Franklin Manyara

Manyara is the outgoing Dekutso Secretary General. He is also the Chairperson of Dekimesa, the Meru students organization and has served as its organizing secretary. Read his Influencer of the week article here.

Leave your comments below for a chance to win sh 500. What do you think about these Influencers? What do you think we should do to improve the article in future? Who do you think we should feature next?

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