Most Promising Delegate Candidates SOB, IGGRES, GETRI

1. Agnes Wangui Ndirangu is a first year pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce Degree. She is the representative of her class, a position which she says has led her to witness first hand the problems of comrades – most of which she has noted can only be solved by the student council. She says that if given the chance, she will assertively vote in people who can not only lead but also come out strong and bold and who have an ear for comrades. She is passionate about leadership that is clean and fair to every comrade.

2. Deborah Kamau alias Debbie describes herself as a down to earth student leader. She is the class rep of her BBA first year class. When her students come to her with problems, she does everything in their power to help them. She is among those who ensured that first years got the second share of bundles. She is also the writer of the popular First Year Chronicles on DekuTrends where she gives comrades tea on the experience of being a first year every week. She says that if elected, she will vote for leaders who know the interests of fellow comrades and who are ready to listen to comrades and not make decisions for their selfish reasons. She believes in a better DeKUT, where comrades know how to ask for what is rightfully theirs.

3. Mary Waithira Gathoni is a Business Administration student in year 2.2. She says that her leadership is driven by a tireless pursuit of honesty and integrity. She feels adequate to stand in the gap of delegate to inspire hope, instill courage and nurture success to all comrades. She says she would take the delegate position as a humble challenge for her to critically fight for the rights and contentment of every comrade as a choice of justice and unity of purpose as we all deserve a chance to pursue our full measures of happiness.

4. Collins Obota is a third year student in the B. Sc. GeGIS program. He says that it is high time comrades appreciate the diversity in our student community and look past ethnic backgrounds to realize better leadership. He says that if he gets to be delegate, he will vote for leaders based on their agenda and the passion to fulfill their promises to fellow comrades.

5. Havillah Chelang’att Rugut is a GIS 1.1 student. She is the representative of her class. According to her, our leaders will only know our priorities not by us telling them every other time but by the decisions that we make during elections. She believes comrades should be sober and vote in leaders who will fight for what is right and stand up for them at all costs. As a leader, she feels that her first duty is to think of the well being of comrades. She is therefore fit to vote in the best leaders. She believes that united, we have the power to change the world.

6. Faith Chepkurui is a third year student in B. Sc. Geology. She has been the vice chairperson of the Kimathi University Geology Association. She believes in working for a better tomorrow and says that even if we can’t bring immediate change, we can always improvise. As a delegate, she says she would give the best because comrades deserve the best.


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