Mulembe draws with Mbaitu, Greens are humiliated by Tamal

The much anticipated match between Mulembe and Mbaitu went down yesterday on Saturday. Unfortunately, no side won. The result was a 2-2 draw. However, the match was interesting with both sides giving their best.

The Mbaitu starting eleven

In the first half, Mbaitu were dominant and scored their first goal through Katulu, their left winger, after the captain, Brian Ndolo, delivered a corner. Mbaitu dominated most of the first half but towards the end, Mulembe intensified their attack. The Mbaitu fans breathed a sigh of relief when the half time whistle was blown.

In the second half, Mulembe made a couple of substitutions which changed the odds in their favor. Mulembe’s Kichinjio came on as a super sub and scored for his team, helping them to kick start their comeback. Minutes later, Mulembe took the lead with a header from Malanga, who had also come on as a substitute. Mbaitu struggled through most of the second half and managed to equalize with a goal from Pato.

All in all the game was interesting to watch.

In another match that was played yesterday, Greens were subjected to a shocking and humiliating defeat at the hands of Tamal. It was a classic case of “you blink, you miss a goal” as Greens conceded seven goals. In the second half, Greens scored a consolation goal through a free kick, though it was hardly consoling, considering the lorry full of goals that they had conceded.

The whole thing is even more humiliating considering that the Greens hostel team train daily in one of the small fields on the resource side, yet the Tamal side don’t train as a team.

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