Tomorrow, Saturday 6th July, Mulembe FC and Mbaitu FC will have a soccer showdown at the DeKUT stadium. The match between the Luhyas and Kambas will be one to look forward to as the two teams have had a friendly rivalry for quite a while. It will happen at 2 pm. The last time they met, which was last semester, Mulembe won. Mbaitu are definitely thirsty for revenge and it should be interesting to see how this game goes down.

Mbaitu have been on fire, with an unbeaten run of four games. Norman Kineene, Mbaitu’s striker, has been on very good form and is expected to lead Mbaitu’s quest for victory. Their experienced and talented captain, who plays for a local club called Eleven Arrows and is a school team veteran, is also expected to be quite a threat to the Mulembe side.

The Mbaitu starting eleven. Maybe the Mbaitu people should buy their team a uniform?

Mulembe, however, are certainly not an easy team to beat. If you have any doubts about that, ask the Kalenjins, who are the last team to face the wrath of Mulembe. Our brothers from Rift Valley were beaten 3-2, after Mulembe made a thrilling comeback. Mulembe’s captain, Atema aka Kichinjio was largely responsible for the Kalenjins’ misery, having scored a brace in the game. Kichinjio will definitely be one of the players to mark in tomorrow’s game.

The Mulembe side. I bet they also have no uniform.

Mulembe also have the advantage of having the school sports secretary, Humphrey Emali, as their coach. Kichinjio says that Emali’s input to the team has been extremely valuable and attributes their recent success to his good coaching.

Kichinjio giving his players a word of advice

All in all, this should be an exciting encounter that you don’t want to miss. It will be interesting to see who wins this time round. The loser, of course, will be the laughing stock of the Kimathi soccer community for at least the next one week.

Let’s meet at the DeKUT stadium tomorrow at 2 pm.

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