My Period Story



New environment… barely settled into the new high school. Thirty minutes to the end of the night preps.

A feeling of something squishy between my legs. Ignorance drives me to ignore this and anxiously wait for the thirty minutes to end. Most people are lying on their lockers by now.

Then comes the rustic distinctive smell. Oh god you can’t ignore it. Wait is this me because it seems I am the only one noticing it? I nervously look around and phew! Okay coast is clear. Okaaay! It is now trickling down my leg.

I keep thinking it is the ‘urine’ prank people play on people but I am awake. I look down and there is this bright red spot on my sock. How did it get there? I was not injured during my basketball game, was I? Ouch! That sharp pain in my stomach. Oh no!

It then dawns on me. They are here; they’re actually here. I mean this is really happening. My desk mate is now awake. Did the smell awake her?

Okay what do I do?

Memories now cloud my mind: My primary classmates starting their period in a male taught class and the rest of us getting a laugh out of it… My friend Dee pranking me during our P.E class that I have started my periods. Mm no I am not letting my high school story start with the red socks girl.

Time is moving soooo slow, 25 more minutes. Will my skirt show?

This was not supposed to happen like this. Who do I tell? Do girls even share these stories? Maybe I will be made a fool of. How do I even bathe? I have a white bath cloth. Jesus!

The thought is even crippling. Do I use tissue at this moment, wont it soak or something? This is soo going to be tough but first this twenty minutes have to end. Then my life can come crumbling down.

Bright side yeeei! I am a woman now or so I think.

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