Naima Hussein – The Most Influential Muslim Lady in Kimathi

Today on Influencer, we feature the most influential Muslim lady in Kimathi, Naima Hussein. The third year Actuarial Science student is the Vice Chairperson of Muslim students in Kimathi and is on the Governing Council. She is also the secretary of the Actuarial Students Association in Kimathi and has previously served on its Electoral Council. We managed to get her to answer a couple of questions. Here is the interview:

1. Who is Naima?

Naima is a student pursuing BSc. Actuarial Science; a Muslim girl born and raised in Mombasa.

2. How is Mombasa with this Corona? We keep hearing praises about Joho. Vitu kwa ground ni different ama?

Things are tough due to Corona. Movement is limited. About Joho, the Swahili have a saying that goes Mgalla muuweni na haki mpeni. In this pandemic, Joho has really come through for his people. If you’ve ever been to the ferry, things are different and organized. There is a fumigation block for pedestrians where you are given a whole body spray as you walk through. He has done well.

3. You are the secretary of the Actuarial Students Association(DeKUASA), what does the association do?

It is a bridge between the university and the Actuarial students association of Kenya. (ASSK) The ASSK organizes annual national and regional conventions, as well as product design conventions in which we share ideas about products such as insurance and pension and talk about investment strategies.

4. And what are your duties as the secretary of DeKUASA?

Organizing for meetings of the association.
Minute writing.
Keeping the members informed about activities of ASSK.

5. Do you face any challenges as a leader?

Of course leadership comes with its own challenges. For example when i joined DeKUASA it had been dormant for some time but we’re gradually improving. Getting students to contribute money for the association’s activities is one of the major challenges I’ve faced… You know how students are with money.

Do you have any political ambition?

Politics is a messy game that I try to avoid.

6. What is the experience of being a Muslim in Kimathi?

I’ve been raised in a totally Islamic environment…. coming to Kimathi with a relatively lower number of Muslims; I definitely missed home at first. But gradually, Kimathi became like a home away from home: the students and staff are all very friendly, the learning environment is beyond excellent and for sure your religion will not be compromised.

7. And what has your experience been as a Muslim girl in Kimathi?

Muslim ladies have rules on our modesty…some activities I’m not able to engage in because they involve exposure of my body to men.

8. So you don’t have hobbies? You don’t engage in any extracurricular activities?

No. I love baking. It’s actually a passion I have. May be some day I’ll change my profession to pursue catering.😅 My hobbies also include swimming and reading novels. Kimathi doesn’t have facilities for swimming, sadly. I’m still developing a few more hobbies… such as yoga for fitness. I also go for camping and hikes.

9. Vice Chairperson of Muslims in Kimathi, did you find the campaign stressful?

We do not campaign, our constitution does not allow it. We have a council called the Shura made up of finalists students. The Shura nominates people, then voting happens. If you win you take the seat.

10. What is your role as the Vice Chairperson of the Muslim Association?

I am an assistant to the Chairman and a signatory to the treasury. I also head a couple of committees…like those in charge of making camping and hiking plannings.

11. What do you love about Kimathi?

Our lecturers are the best😇 I can say they give their best when it comes to teaching.

12. And what do you hate about it?

Transportation issues… It really sucks how my department would ask for a school bus to go for an event like the Annual ASSK convention….but the charges we’re given…unaona heri you go for 2NK😅

What? Students are charged to use school buses?

Exactly. Isn’t it ironic?

13. What are you doing to ensure you leave Kimathi better than you found it?

I try to make an impact where I can, for example in the Actuarial Students Association. I also engage in activities that make us bond as Kimathi students.

Also, I find myself into leadership sana. I feel it’s my way to give back to the society as I work in maintaining the Muslim association.

14. I don’t know whether I’m allowed to ask this but are you single?


Are you allowed to have a boyfriend?

That depends on what the word boyfriend means to you. Fornication is against Islamic law.

It’s also against Christian law… surprisingly. Anyway, does that mean that you cannot date?

No. People date. As long as there is no fornication.

15. It’s that time when you publicly name your crush. Come on, give us a name.

What if he is not from Kimathi?

So you do have a crush on someone? Where is he from?

JKUAT. I won’t give you a name.

If you’re reading this and you’re from JKUAT, well…

16. What’s your favorite eating place in Kimathi?

I love smocha and mutura😅 Lunch hutanikosa area ya smocha na jioni nipitie mutura ya mbao😂

17. What about place ya kuchill?

I go to the heroes garden…and once in a while walk to the farm house…the environment there is so serene

18. This has been loads of fun. Thank you. As we conclude, are you active on social media?

I’m active on Instagram and Snapchat. Instagram username: naymah_hussein
Snapchat username: ntwahir
How have you managed to keep off Tiktok in these trying times? Ama hutaki kusema? It’s okay kama uko Tiktok. You can tell us.

No. I’m not on Tiktok.

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