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Franklin D. Roosevelt: Those who have enjoyed such privileges as we enjoy forget in time that men have died to win them.

Believe it or not, having a parent or a guardian is a huge blessing we tend to overlook. We ignore our parent’s calls, block them on our social media, lie a hundred times to them, and slam our bedroom doors on them. Their obvious presence and care for our lives has seen us forget in time how much they mean to us. We have thus ended up forgetting what a precious gem our parents and guardians are. Perhaps we will never feel that pinch of parental absence until we meet other people, not any less than us, who probably deserved more than we did, growing up by the kindness of the generous hearts of our society.

A wise man once said that A life well lived is that lived for others. And at this trying time, put in your to do list an activity that will touch people you are not necessarily with. May this pandemic awaken the compassion in your heart, so you may find it kind and fit, not to scramble and selflessly grab the scarce resources out there, but to take from what there is, what is enough for you, and to share what you can and to leave some for the next human in the line of need.

Following the Corona Virus pandemic that has hit every life across the world, a lot of Children Homes in Kenya, and other foundations that largely depend on donations, no longer have guests or donations as they used to. This is as a result of the whole bunch of initiatives that our governments have put in place to combat the spread of Corona virus. These foundations include New Life Rescue Home which has parented many little kids to very important people in the society since it began, more than 25 years ago.

New Life Foundation is a charity NGO that rescues and raises babies, usually because they had been ‘thrown away’ by their biological parents for whatever reasons. The Nyeri branch, which is located less than a kilometer from Nyeri town, depends on well-wishers and donors around Nyeri such as citizens, companies, banks, churches, public or private institutions among others. It has rescued more than 300 kids across the central region who would have otherwise perished to death due to the conditions they had been put in. It has saved lives which had been trashed in the sewers and in the coffee plantations. As an initiative to make life for the babies worthwhile, New Life Rescue Home brings up the babies to age until when they can legally get volunteers who will adopt the babies as their own.

Bringing up a baby, especially in the absence of the biological parents, is obviously an expensive and noble obligation. It requires the best of hearts and souls to take up that delicate responsibility. Things like electric heaters, packed milk, fruits, dry food, warm clothing, very clean environment, state of the art medical care, toiletries among others must never run short.

The generosity of students, as a part of the community that regularly visits the home, has seen New Life Rescue Home flourish and the kids there have grown up with such a feeling of love untold. Before the virus had reached Kenya, the definitely beautiful babies at New Life Home had happily enjoyed the touch of human life from students who school at Dedan Kimathi University, Nyeri National Polytechnic, KMTC Nyeri and other institutions.

Once in a while, groups of students, as friends, classmates, and or volunteers schedule their weekends at New Life where they usually engage in fun and humane activities such as holding the babies, feeding them, playing around with them, cleaning the compound, doing the laundry, being the brother, the sister, the friend, the mother and the father these babies never had, among other activities. In fact, there are students who have celebrated their birthdays at New Life with the kids as a way of proving the fact that we are all children of the same universe. In that manner, New Life Home received food stuff and donations which are paramount for the upkeep of the kids. There are these picturesque drawings that lay on the walls of the New Life guests hall which were proudly done by our own Dedan Kimathi University students.

A drawing done by a Kimathi comrade at New Life

However, due to the outbreak of the Corona Virus, and in line with the precautions put in place by the government of Kenya to combat the spread of the Corona virus, New Life is facing a drastic shortage of guests and thus donations necessary to run the home normally. In fact, the need to keep the babies explicitly safe from the Corona virus has seen New Life bring on board the hard option of enacting its own lock-down. That means, there will be no going out or coming in to New Life, even by the staff and volunteers, which is a short coming to the babies. These little angels, so beautiful and oblivious of the virus, are short of foodstuff which they badly need to cover up for the maternal milk they never get.

Since physically visiting the Home is almost impossible right now, New Life Foundation and its stakeholders is calling upon all students and the community that has always given a helping hand to the upbringing of the babies, to send financial support to them via the details attached below. Despite the complications going on around many families and homes right now, we must hold each other’s hand, especially the more vulnerable and less fortunate, if we are to beat this pandemic together.

As a matter of fact, there are other Charity Foundations that will not feature in newspapers or in the social media platforms. Therefore, take this as a personal responsibility, to reach out to any human being in your circle who is in need of your help. A good soul who headed an NGO called PA-MOJA – an NGO that has seen so many students across Kenya go to school, so many girls saved from early marriages, so many people in the society around Ol Pejeta and beyond – in her spirited challenges asked the world, Tell me, what will you do with this one wild life? – Silvia Knittel. So, as you use this time to know your family more, to introspect on who you are and want to be, as you realize how lucky and blessed the small gifts of life are, forget not that lives out there are in need of just a small streak of your kindness and love to illuminate their hearts and lives at this time.

To send donations to New Life Rescue Home:


A/C NO: URGENT NEEDS Or, Put your name.

You can also contact New Life Home via 0729 018 473

For more information, visit

Your valuable contribution, will be the reason baby X, aged 100 days, will have a reason to smile at this hard time.

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