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The coming weekend’s activities mainly include cultural events organized by various student organizations within the school, which are concentrated around today and tomorrow. But first, in the evening, the interclass tournament finals and playoffs will be held in the main field, after which the first three teams in the tournament will be identified. The three top teams get to walk away with three goats, one each. The teams that will fight it out for the top spot are Gegis 2.2 and B. Com 4.1. The teams that will play in the playoffs are Mechatronics and Bpsm to determine the third placed team of the tournament.

One of the highlights of the weekend will definitely be Mulembe Night, organized by Dekumsa – the Luhya Association, which will be held tonight from 7 till dawn at the Farm House. According to the Chairperson of the Mulembe Association, Mulembe is a Luhya word which means peace or unity. Therefore, the “Unity” Association welcomes all comrades to their end of semester party. Any student should feel free to attend the event, with the entry being absolutely free. There will be Mbuzi choma, Ugali, Chicken and Dekut Coffee. However, they will be contributing towards the school fees of one of their comrades so if you will attend, you can take some money with you. Apart from free food, there will be dance and a bonfire.

The Kamba Night will also be held today and the Dekimesa Saturday for our Meru Comrades will be held at the Farm House on Saturday.

On Saturday from 6 in the evening till dawn on Sunday, we will have the Swahili Night, organized by DekuCosa, the coast students association. The good thing with Swahili Night is that everyone who knows Swahili can attend and not feel left out. You have to pay an entrance fee of sh. 150. In return, you get to experience the Swahili culture for a night: their delicious and exotic food, music and company. Among the activities lined up include cooking – where you get to know how to cook Swahili food if you are interested. Other activities include poem and song presentation, cards, tag of war, modern and traditional dancing and dancing competitions. The event will be held at Munyeni House.

If you have another event that has been left out, feel free to comment about it in the comments section below.

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