So, dear comrades, Monday did come and the fare from Nyeri to Kimathi is 20 bob; not only at Kiemwa but also at Nyekicha. Our dear Secretary General, Sabul The Bull has released a very interesting circular. He has advised us to resist Nyekicha like the plague. He has also gone further to suggest that those who use matatus from Nyekicha should be viewed as traitors.
Here is how it went down: in the morning, Nyekicha’s boards read 30 bob. By afternoon, they read 20 bob. That is after they noticed Kiemwa charging 20 bob. In the afternoon, some students went to Kiemwa and found that their matatus were slow to fill up. So they went back to Nyekicha and since their fare to Kimathi was 20 bob, they boarded.
They were carried like sheep, with the matatu being properly overloaded at 18 passengers. Why did they go to Nyekicha? Because they had classes and they would have been late for them. But why were there no students to fill the matatus at Kiemwa? Because the students decided to go to Nyekicha, so that they wouldn’t be late for class. Others went to Nyekicha because it’s what they know and they don’t like change. Yet others went to Nyekicha because they don’t know where Kiemwa is.
The simple truth is: Nyekicha played us. And they played Kiemwa. But forget Kiemwa, they played us Kimathi students like a guitar. We negotiate for a price decrease and once we’ve succeeded, they undermine our efforts. And what’s the worst thing? We are actually going along with them; we are being played like children and we don’t seem to mind it.
It’s such a pity.
And then you hear someone say that it’s a matter of choice. That if they want to be carried by Nyekicha, even at 30 bob; provided no one else is paying their fare, it is their right. You hear a university student saying that.
So what happens when the next crisis comes, now that we can’t work as a student body? What do we do when they decide to sky rocket our rents or do some other injustice? They’ll play us like the divided and powerless fools we are, won’t they? Yes they will.
Especially now that we have lost our sense of self worth so much that we can pay double the supposed fare and still be carried like sheep. Then when our leaders do something about it, those same fellows who treated us like sheep, we allow them to play us like children and fools. We allow them to get away with it, just like that. Why? Because we are spineless fools; spineless because we are divided. I mean, what’s the point of going through university if you won’t graduate with a sense of self worth? What’s the point of being a campus student if you don’t know the first thing about


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