Of the bottoms!

…well, of intentions.

This one time, I put a pin on my crush’s seat just before we sat for our exams and it almost pierced into his butt. He fell, okay and we laughed and he was in shock and he was in pain but he was laughing it out and I was laughing too and it felt good. So good.  I can assure you, that was one interesting exam! Now you might be thinking that’s hella weird so I bet it is very-hella-weird that we got to wearing matching grey sweaters the following week. We were desk mates, and probably the teacher noticed so he was moved to the front and I definitely flaunted my chance to stare at him while he couldn’t do the same. Talk of silver linings.

Every time my lilliputian arms got caned, he’d turn back and pass a soft empathetic sorry.  It was so soothing and it gave me such instant healing! It honestly felt cute.

That was back in primary but I still very much adore innocent, genuine love.

Now, we’ve probably seen those pictures that never seem to hang straight just below the front mirror in matatus. One thing is for sure, I totally do marvel when the picture matches the face of the driver. It’s not very much a norm and hence no surprise that I never expect it. So many things are hoaxes nowadays! It then probably does make sense when my friend liberally says that love is a scam. However, I don’t think love is a scam, I think love is beautiful. I actually do think that very few things feel as good as falling in love does.

It is rather unfortunate though, that we can’t liberally wallow in its lushness without a very generous portion of skepticism and self-acclaimed trust issues. It could all be pinned to society and the apparent-I’d say shocking and unsolicited- uphevel of sexual desire, which I think is a very big shame owing to its success in making something ever-so-delightful feel utterly impure, ingenuine, disastrous and even life threatening.

I actually do think that sexualizing relationships was the greatest pierce we ever gave to dating. And marriages as well. That the connection that exists, is merely physical and other all other strings begin to get loose past that. That intimacy only bears the physical definition and shallowness allowedly takes the entire vast field of everything else consequently opening up several gaps for manipulation.

Fairy tales seemed cute when we were younger and we wished for a perfect love story, now we reasonably wish for a love story, for some, just a sex story. Quite the shift!

What’s even more baffling is that we intend to get into successful and happy marriages with the questionable and detestable intentions and habits that we’ve very much allowed, encouraged and cultured.  Like we are just gonna scrunch them up into a ball and drop them in a bin somewhere and totally forget they ever existed. Easy peasy.

I’m not sure how marriage is viewed, but isn’t that the entity that takes up more time of your life than you’ve previously lived? The one which you’ll wake up to each morning bear in your mind space the entire day and go back to each evening. That which will determine your state of mind and emotions. That which will influence your individual progress as a person. That which will determine your social, financial, spiritual, physical and mental growth.

I don’t know about you, but all that seems too vital, to have but, well, physiological considerations.

If we tried at the very least to maintain the purity of love and genuineness of intentions, then relationships would bloom better and for longer, don’t you think?


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