1. The Allan Shadowrine King of the Year Award

The King of the Year Award is meant to recognize the most influential and popular Dekut gentleman in the past year. After the nominations round, we will compile relevant information about the nominees, enabling you guys to select the best among them. The winner will be the nominee with the most votes and will hold the title for the rest of the year, until the next CCA awards. During that year, he will be a symbol of unity for comrades and will be engaged in relevant activities.

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Allan Shadowrine is one of the main writers at DekuTrends. He is popular for the engaging style of his stories and for his dedication to writing on issues affecting DeKUT comrades eg online learning and conning of students. To read his popular articles, just search for Allan Shadowrine on the website.

2. The Shakem Foundation Queen of the Year Award

The Queen of the Year Award is meant for the most influential and popular lady in Dekut, as decided by comrades in a popular vote. She will be a symbol of comrade unity and will be engaged in relevant activities throughout the next year, until the next CCA awards.

Shakem Foundation is an initiative aimed at empowering the girlchild. At Shakem, we believe that knowledge is power and not equality. It was founded to fight ignorance amongst the girlchild, create awareness on matters concerning them and fight for their dreams by curbing FGM, menstrual shame, early pregnancies and early marriages. It also supports the young mothers and victims of sexual abuse and helps overcome stigma. It is in association with ‘A Voice For The She,’ a podcast that helps them air her story. It is founded by a Dekut comrade. To be involved with us, you can reach us at 0705752807

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3. The Prof Kioni Tech Innovation of the Year Award

The award is meant to appreciate the most useful technology innovation made by a student in Dekut. Through the award, we hope to foster the spirit of innovation and the use of class room knowledge to solve our nation’s problems and make our lives easier. This award is special, considering that Dekut is a university of technology. The winner of the award will receive support not only from DekuTrends in form of marketing but also from the entire comrade fraternity to help their innovation achieve success. The world’s richest people are tech billionaires. Through this award, we hope to foster the next generation of Africa’s richest.

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The award has been named after Prof Kioni, Dekut’s VC, in appreciation of the effort that his administration has put into ensuring that Dekut is a premier institution of technology. Our engineering courses are among the best in the country. Also, in the recent past, Dekut has made major strides in technology, one of which is the partnership with the Kenya Film Commission to establish a film and gaming hub in the university, which is already operational. The ongoing establishment of the Science and Technology Park is another huge achievement. The 6.5 billion shillings establishment will sit on a 150 acre piece of Dekut land. The hub could make Dekut the Silicon Valley of Kenya.

An artist’s impression of the upcoming Science and Technology Park
The STP will also have hotels

4. The Franklin Manyara Class Rep of the Year Awards

Of course the CCA would be very remiss if we failed to recognize our Class Reps. This award is in appreciation of the selfless work that they all do, usually with no reward apart from a one day class reps retreat once a year. The current Dekutso, under the docket of the Vice Chairperson which was occupied by Purity Mwende, has negotiated for Class Reps to be getting a little financial remuneration. It is a great thing and we only hope that the incoming Dekutso will not hamper the implementation of the project, which is already underway.

The two awards, for both female and male class rep of the year, have been named after the outgoing Secretary General, Franklin Manyara. He has led his fellow Dekutso officials and together they have guided us through a pandemic. They have faced challenges of the most unique nature and have managed to deal with them. Among other things, Manyara ensured that we got online bundles. His administration was also responsible for the erection of bumps along the highway, which has stopped the deaths of comrades through accidents on that road. Read our interview with Manyara in a past edition of Influencer of the Week here.

Dekutso Secretary General Franklin Manyara

5. The Sabul The Bull Comrade Servant of the Year Award.

Our welfare as comrades is naturally important to us. The individuals who selflessly fight for the improved welfare of comrades will no doubt always be close to our hearts. This award is meant to celebrate such individuals and recognize the best among them. It is to them that we will entrust with leadership and power in future because they clearly have our best interests at heart.

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The award has been named after Sabul The Bull, a former Dekutso secretary general, in recognition of his selfless service to comrades during his tenure. His fiery memos and catchy phrases such as “Don’t jump over the fire if your buttocks are hairy” kept the comrade spirit burning. He will be remembered. To read more about The Bull, check out our Influencer of the Week interview with him here.

Sabul The Bull

6. The Baked Student Hustler of the Year Award

This award is in appreciation of the entrepreneurs among us; those comrades who juggle academics and business in order to provide services for us. Whether by cooking chapati at the student center or offering printing services at Boma, they make our lives easier and better. These are the individuals who create jobs instead of waiting for jobs to be given to them. The future prosperity of our nation will be driven by them. It is in the hope to foster an entrepreneurial culture among comrades that this award has been created.

The award has been sponsored by Baked, which is a business by 4th year Nursing Student, James Maina Gathuya. Baked is a pizza business which does free delivery to comrades in King’ong’o, Town and around school. Their pizza is delicious and they usually have a weekend offer where you buy one large pizza and get a small pizza for free. See what they offer in the poster below and when all of us get back to school, come on comrades, let’s get baked. Maina describes his business as one that is by a comrade for comrades. But the most important thing for me is just how sweet his pizzas usually are. You just have to try them. For inquiries and orders, contact the number on the poster.

7. The Alex Njuguna Fresher of the Year Award

Dear Freshers, you are already part of our comrade community and of course we would not leave you out. This award is mainly to welcome you to Dekut. You’ve come to a really good place, which will be your home for the next three years. The award will recognize the most popular and influential freshman or woman by popular vote. May the best among you win.

Chief aka Alex Njuguna

The Award has been sponsored by Alex Njuguna, also known as Chief, who has been an outstanding comrade leader. He has been a delegate, he has served on the electoral commission and is the Chairperson of the Dekut Teknocrats Club. Of course has has featured in our Influencer of the Week column before and you can read his interview here.

8. The Isaac “Izaw” Ochieng’ Male Sports Personality of the Year Award

Sports in Dekut could be better. Our teams have no coaches and the meager allowances that players are given are often delayed. Despite the lack of seriousness towards sports in Dekut, comrades still give their best. Our hockey team had even made it into the national league before they were forced to withdraw due to financial constraints. One of them, Sutcliffe Usagi, an engineering student, ended up transferring to another club in the league. He won the Hockey Men Player of the Year Award in 2019, which is the most prestigious award in Kenya’s Hockey. Such is the talent that our dear university is determined to waste. This category is meant to appreciate those who shine in sports and encourage them not to let their talent go to waste simply because they landed in Dekut.

Sutcliffe Usagi, a civil engineering student, receiving the Hockey POYA award 2019. This in spite of the university’s best efforts to kill our sports talent.

The award is named after Isaac Byron Ochieng’ aka Izaw, a comrade who passed away earlier this year, in March. Izaw was a beloved member of the Dekut football team, and was one of the most reliable players that the team had. He succumbed to a rare condition of Tuberculosis of the bone marrow. By the time of his demise, his bill at the Nairobi Hospital had accumulated to sh 9 Million Shillings. Comrades came together to contribute money so that his body could be released for burial. This award is given in remembrance of a stellar sportsman. May he rest in peace.

Rest in Peace Izaw

9. The Ask Designers Female Sports Personality of the Year Award

This award is in appreciation of Dekut ladies in sports. It is sponsored by ASK Designers, which is a fashion and design company that deals with all types of fashion, from suits and shoes to hoodies and caps. Their prices are very affordable and comrade friendly. It has branches located in Nairobi and Kitengela. Get in touch with them by contacting Tonnie at 0790755436 or Oloo at 0755810863.

If you want to Ng’ara na Ankara, contact Ask Designers

10. The Magenta Solutions Club of the Year Award

There are multiple clubs in the school and this award is in appreciation of the club that has made the most positive impact in the past year.

The award is sponsored by Magenta Solutions, a company founded by Paul Magenta, who is a comrade. The company has employed multiple graduates from Dekut. It specializes in the provision of online cyber services such as HELB and KRA services. They also sell laptops and laptop accessories at comrade prices. If you have any HELB inquiry that needs an urgent response, contact them at 0718125937 or 0703344902

11. The Shanto Foundation Talent of the Year Award

This award is in appreciation of student talent in all areas except photography and sports, which have their own categories. It has been sponsored by Shanto Foundation, a charity organization founded by Dekut comrades.

12. The Photographer of the Year Award

This award is given in appreciation of the most popular photographer in Dekut.



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