On Tribalism in Kimathi

***Omulindi Wafula***

It is another political time in DKUT, It seems that this time round the clouds have been field with tribalistic coalitions if I just mention GEMA Vs Other communities. You need to ask yourself a question: Who are you? Who do you worship with? Who do you study with?

If you go to Germany and find there a Ghanaian citizen you will see him as your brother. When Europeans came at last all Africans united to compel them away. We saw the effects of tribalism in 2007, we heard a Luo whose head was chopped off using a wood cutting machine. I witnessed mothers and helpless children crying and others being burnt in houses at Eldoret. Others were walking barefooted from Trans – Nzoia to Kakamega. I witnessed the Sabaot murdering the Bukusu at Mt Elgon. The war between Nuer and Dinga of South Sudan has rendered the country unpeaceful for a decade now.

Politics will come and end.Remember we share the same classes, same rooms, same religions, same lecturers and the same university. We never came to DeKUT because we were Kikuyus, Luhya, Kalenjins or whatever but we came here because we passed exams or because it is the best University in Kenya and maybe it is in Kenya and we are all Kenyans. It is better to acknowledge our tribal differences but we should not make others feel as if they are outcasts. DeKUT is an international institution and everyone knows that. If a Luhya student participates in Robotics competition and wins we celebrate as DeKUT not as Mulembe, when Mwangi participates in Marathon and wins we acknowledge him and celebrate as DeKUT not as Nyandarua Students Association.

When I remember the heavy soils and high temperatures that the dead face in the grave, I choose to remain patriotic and fight tribalism. When I remember what I feel when I’m segregated because of my tribe, I choose to fight against tribalism. When I remember what happened in 2007, I choose to remain peaceful. Political terratogens should not make us divided. Discuss your ideologies as professionals not as village dwarfs who have not seen a primary school gate. Be an ambassador of peace, love and harmony. In all you do and in what you talk remember God is watching you. From Patriot Omulindi Wafula


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