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Lakini ka imeweza imeweza….mali safi iende chain chain….. si ile mali tunajua,,,,io niliokoka nkasare☺️….I’m now….siezi sema born again lakini weeee mali safi iende chain….pitishia mabeshte hii link…😜. Kama zile retweet za Tonnie wa Juja huenda chain chain among my mushene group,,, kama sjawaikutumia improve on your mushenee…..😋

Juzi he was having an insta live but venye nakuaga nimepagawa na manigga wanajiaminia🤦🤣 I hed to join the live to hear words of wisdom from the pro himself…(which is….manigaa wakule watermelons(literally))😉bado najua bazenga ni Papa Fathela,,✋followed closely by Odi wa Muran’ga and then Exray babez🥴…STAMBUI MANZI WAOOOO!!!😊

OG na Octo wakabishanie mbali…..lakini OG is the lyrics for me 💯and Octo is the lyfstyle for me…😏.beef ni ya nini na tunapenda Dj Kalonje??🤷

Wamlambeeezzzz! So siezi sema ati niko maweng kibao lakini vile siko right itabidi nimeleft….😂eti juzi some chille kols me….sijui oooooh Sharo…..wen I yustu read your articles back in the days zlikuaga na “a tone of bitterness” haahhahaha vile nliruka io stori…😂😂.koz now (we all woke and changed,💁💁…niko rada videadly siezi kosa peng ting……) 😂😂Kidding…in this scenario nlikosa😯.Sema kuwa klown. This time round,,, ni kubayern!!😂😂

I ain’t sure about sharing this story so lemmie beat around the bush for a while…….First of all,,,,,,geospatial ni kos gani nlichagua aki…😩😩..ngumu kuliko haga za ngeus mkisii…😂😂haha wacha nisianze hizo…..lakini bro wako na storii…but so do Kirinyaga wimen…🤗.

Nways if your’re lgbtq+ I have never been the one to reject all types of humanity ……I accept all of them as friends and love them the same..🧡🧡Ain’t that right Emma??😂 Niruke utaona…But as for me and my family, we shall serve the Lord🌚😂…and it’s also high time people accept we’re in the 21ST century🙄..where Benzema can spit any lines he wants….but juzi amesema…RAPISTS WANYONGWE!!!!!..Kudos……justice ni wewe…😏Wapigwe chuma ya doshi uko Kamiti!!🙄

Nways ezawasayaing…juzi ofcourse out of interest and some typa online addiction and also due to public demand… 😂I hed to write this one…..So the other day I’m scrolling through sosho media of course I have to check what rich peeps are up to (for the Lord’s preparation) in fyucha😂…p.s huezi enda majuu kama hujajua watu hupiga picha zinakaaje kwa izo picha zao za veketions….🌚🙉

Speaking of vacations…eisssshhhhhhh!!!! Instagram ni ya wenyewe….🚶🚶💯anywayzzzz Rumuour zilianza…..Alejandro na Trey Songs ni mabratha…..Honeymoon yetu tutakopa tala……💆siezichochwa na mashenanigans…🙅

Speaking of shenanigans… Heeee….si the other day I’m going through all the gossip I ken …Of Course if you do not look at Xtian Dela’s insta stories uko nyuma si nini…😂😂so apparently….i had to comment on one of them stories……but atleast I did not add “Hide my ID Dela” aiiiiiiiiiiiii………si akitaka kuonyesha aonyeshe…stambui bladi facken!!😏😂😂…ata mimi nasaka picha ya kenyatta kwa walenje!!😂😂

YOU WOULD NOT WANT TO READ THIS..but yohhhh!! I think a bad bitch is a gift from GOD.. 😊Most people suffer from depression mbikos we do not express what we are feeling as yuts…🌚sijui nini….Jina ulishaharibiwa naniiiii…🤷….jenga hustle…your good name won’t feed you…correct me if I’m wrong..skuizi ni konnections..unless umesomea..covid -19 vaccine…utatekwa utatiii….kwanza io Nyairofiiiii!! Uliza Xtian Dela….😏

Uzuri sisi watu wa mushatha na tumesomea kos za mushatha tunasurvive,,😏….priss office work mkajoin Umaraya io Nairobi…😂😂…eeeeh..leo sihurumii mtu…truth will prevail….easy kama do re mi……na even though Breeder husema eti kama hana pesa atawateka tu na lugha….PRISSS…..kama si ganji kalale….!😒

Nways so here I am,,,,asking myself,,, Ronnne,,,,,, second year ndio ulikua unalilia ule boyz mhandsome😂😂 (sijui kama ni m——-waiiiitttt…my mom has just just sent some motivational video in our wozap group….and trust me,,,,,I’d rather listen to Benzema na machocha zake and my mom’s motivational videos before I answer any” I miss you text”or just any other text……..usijiulize mbona,, sisi ni mabazenga mamii…..with the WAP!😂😂😂

Lakini skuizi life ni tricky sijui sisi ngeus lazima WAP umaintain the PH of between 3.8 and 4.5..😂😂🙀 hii generation iko na mambo😑

I had my friend visit me the other day…lakini chaooosss nayooo…..seee when Cardi sed that “Seee who pop the most shit?? People whose shit not together…😂..I felt that…😯esp according to my therapist’s kiria list….but I still believe,,, shit together or apart,,,,y’all ain’t gon meet a bitch like me….knock me down nine times but I get up ten,,,,👻😎na kuchizi pia ni talanta😏

Nways,,,, short story long…..first,,,,just like Cardi,,,,im ready for the bulshit, I swear it’s in my bloodline….lakini remote sensing yoh!! Shit be making me regret the times we were @ Timo’s instead of the labs learning the softwares…😥😥..but, who get these mfs started,,? Cardi! Cardi is me in dis kantenxt…speaking of which,,, our bdays near…I say our coz I have a twin….just perfect for me.🥴 Kitaeleweka😂😂

Nways…I’m scrolling through insta and really hoping that Cardi knew how to drive at least before she left offset..but gellllll,,,,,if he ain’t act right,,,,, leave his ass alone..he for the steets.. 😏second…

So Xtian posts about how people should explain their experiences through out Corona season and some of the stories get me crying some I’m like really niggaa? 😏🧐

But they say we should not judge but here is King Bethsheba with the argument. According to me,, after covid, there have been two types of people🤔🤔 according to what to them stories said,,,🗯️

So both groups lost jobs and stuff mbikos of corona,,which (is nobary’s fault btw)🤷..So there is this type of group that is depressed and stuff feeling suicidal and trust me….when I hear the word suicide out of lack of jobs….i honestly feel like vomiting🙄 because unemployment is something you can change even by selling sweets on the streets or doing people’s laundry 🤷…you’re just too proud and consider yourself too special…yes I said it….we should be more open minded not to let small things like those lead to suicide.🙅

Remember you’re doing your freaking best and if no one is proud of you at least be proud of yourself… and also NOT EVERYTHING YOU THINK OF YOURSELF IS TRUE. So be kind to yourself when emotions are beating you up.💌 You only gat you. Breathe and live life at your own pace. You’re having a bad day..not a bad life🌚 So focus on the positive you silly lil beach!😊😊💙💙

There is the second type of people who know this world is not their home and hustle in whichever way possible.(p.s I advocate for honest hustle)….Sir Jah bless the work of your hands…umaraya nimekataa kwa hii platform..😂😂

Second issue….Xtian tells peeps to toboa about their views on LGBTQ and peeps go on and talk about threesomes…sijui what……bisexuality…prisss….bisexuals tuachie wazunye wa Kenya ni umaraya tupu…🌚.Infact most of LGBTQ in Kenya are just confused species coz dis shit is still foreign to Africans,,,,argue with your bundles…😑

Bottom line,,,it’s suicide prevention month and you matter and all that stuff but remember it’s all up to you to help yourself..cause you got your own back. I think you’re gojias💯.vibe with your demons..feel your feelings but Don’t give up…No woman No cry……💁

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