Promising Delegates School of Science, CS and IT

1. Floreen Gatwiri John is a 2nd year Computer Science student. She says she is passionate about comrades and ensuring that their voices are heard. She also loves serving comrades. Equality is crucial for her, especially when it comes to ensuring that no voice is ignored. As a delegate, she says she would look out for the interests of all comrades in electing Dekutso officials, and not just the interests of a portion of comrades.

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2. Lisa Juma is a student in the 4.1 Actuarial Science Class. She has been the representative for her class since first year up to date. She is the Community Service Director for the Rotaract Club of Dekut. She says that if elected, she will help choose leaders who are disciplined in sticking to their promises and who identify problems and find practical, realistic and impactful solutions.

3. David Mukwahana is a first year student pursuing B Sc in Mathematics and Modelling Process. He is the representative for his class. As a class rep, he has had some experience dealing with the problems of his fellow classmates and says that he does everything in his power to help each student who goes to him with a problem. He believes in the appreciation of student diversity and in overlooking the ethnic differences among comrades to work together for the benefit of comrades in general. As a delegate, he says that he will vote in leaders who respect the ideas of every comrade and who render services without consideration of differences such as tribe and gender.

4. Anne Wangui Mwaura is a first year student in Mathematics and Modelling Processes. She describes herself as very passionate in doing whatever she puts her mind to and as having a positive outlook on life. This passion is most evident in her leadership and service to people. She says that if voted in as delegate, she will give her best by voting leaders who are dedicated to fulfilling their promises and are ready to listen to comrades

5. Emmanuel Kipkorir is a third year IT student. He was heavily involved in the mobilization of students to resist the Enhanced CATs that had been proposed by the school. He had also vied for the delegate position in the previous elections. He describes himself as vocal and realistic on the matters affecting students. Given the chance to be a delegate, he would do his part to vote in competent leaders who will hear out the grievances of comrades.

6. Lynette Njeri Wanjiku is looking to be elected as delegate the second time. Asked why she should be entrusted with the delegate seat again, she points to the achievements of the outgoing Dekutso leadership eg erection of bumps on the highway, a proposal to remunerate class reps and an ongoing plan to provide wi-fi throughout the school. She therefore pledges to help elect a Dekutso office which will have a record of achievement that is as good as that of the outgoing leaders.

7. Daniel Mwangi alias Dan Mwangi is a first year Actuarial Science student. He describes himself as an individual with a passion for a cause that is larger than he is and says that he has a vision which will better comrades. He is the representative of his class, a position which he says has helped him understand some of the predicaments of comrades. If elected delegate, he promises to elect leaders who will boldly fight for comrades rights and work for the safety and prosperity of comrades.

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