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When the tide goes out, guess who’ll be seen naked? You! And a couple of others, 50 maybe? Or 100. Zero to a hundred real quick! Yes? But who cares! You are savoring and relishing the pleasantries of …well Wierd. And water. Wild water. Wild in the water? Off the shores, I hope you appreciate the need for me to strip Rotaract naked, just for you!

Mask off! What is Rotaract? Well I’m earnestly hoping you get to the Egyptian dinners and Swahili black themed debates and oh! Sugar cubes, but not dancing away to the hot tea. Rotaract is a service club for young men and women aged 18 to 30 who are dedicated to community and international service. Rotaract clubs are self-governing and self-supporting and can either be university- or community-based. This is probably the best platform to bring in your ideas to help the  community and get to work with like minded people. Most importantly you get to have fun while at it!

Rotaract provides an opportunity for you to enhance your knowledge and skills that will assist you in personal development, to address the physical and social needs of your community, and to promote better relations between all people worldwide through a framework of friendship and service.

Now there’s probably a picture forming inside your head,

Well, Yes! Yes, there’s a lot to the iceberg. If only you dare to take a dive. Mind your head though, I’ll need it to keep reading this…

Ever wished for a platform to discuss and be enlightened on controversial topics like Feminism, Culture, Modern relationships and even current affairs that call for concern?  Or could you swear that your hands go abrakadabra with chapatis and you feel the urgent need to flaunt your skills while making  kids happy? Or even that one dinner dress or tuxedo that is making you particularly wistful for a chance to preen and posture, or that weird outfit you couldn’t put on and are probably feeling like it was a waste of money.

 Rotaract will give you all the reasons to put them on. In the culture, colour and topic themed events and meetings, please … Have fun with your wardrobe!  Get to interact with resourceful personel and professionals who are invited to the fellowships. Whip up your connections and social circle through the several opportunities intended for bonding and growth .

Rotaract perpetually supports and initiates social movements like blood donations and awareness of topics that yearn and beg for more attention than is given. In addition, what’s more adorable than a baby’s smile? Grab an opportunity to interact, play and share with kids in Thunguma and other children’s homes around Nyeri

I could drone on and on about the CRUSH DOLLAR, Or having a SECRET SANTA get you a Christmas gift but I’m afraid that bears more than just words. You’d have to glint yourself in the aura of it all!

Why Join Rotaract



4. There are no gates to crash. So just walk your way in

Meetings unfold in the dome at Resource center every Tuesday at 5:00 pm

 Did I forget to mention you could be served  tea? Well, if you’re lucky


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