Revelations 101

I can’t believe am doing this but as days goes by, I feel more and more urged to do it. Here is my confession, keep my ID as hidden as possible. I am in my late 20’s and engaged to this fine hard working dude. The reason I am writing this is his sister. I was a down to earth straight woman until I met that girl, I have learnt to never say never. When he introduced me to his family, I noticed that the sister was checking me out in a suggestive way but me being clean back then, I never had any ideas. It all started a few weeks later after she forged a “friendship” relationship with me. She would come to my house of which I live alone unless the brother, my boyfriend is around and cook some nice tasting food. In a short period of time, I got so used to her that sometimes I would tell my boyfriend to tell his sister to come over and that’s when things started. She started going to the washroom and after her shower, she would leave with no clothes on. Fully nak3d like the way she was born is the best way to describe her. We were two girls in the same room so I thought it was fine until a few visits after a thought crossed my mind. What if i could suck those big b00bs or bite her curvaceous perfectly round ass?. It was just a thought but I didn’t do anything about it. The next thing I know I was googling l3sbian p0rn, the next thing was me wanting a full s3xual session with this girl but I kept it inside. I started observing her dressing especially the mini-skirts and couldn’t help but notice a tattoo of a small spider deep in her thighs but I didn’t say anything. Before I didn’t mind but to tell the truth, I started peeking to see the color of her undies whenever she spread her legs a bit, of which she never failed. Ok to cut the long story, one day she came, we got a bit high and I told her I wanted to see the tattoo. She said if I wanted to see it, I’d have to unlock it by kissing her yellow yellow deliciously looking thighs. I was high, at least I had a dumb excuse. I wanted it so bad but yes, the highness had to be the blame incase it backfired. That’s the moment that changed me completely because she made me speak Japanese, Persian and Chinese all at the same time. She took control and made me feel things I never close to feeling in all of my s3xual life. Put it shortly, she knew what I wanted, like she could read my mind. I had the best moment of my life on the couch that day. Next morning in the bedroom, I had to initiate a morning session six in the morning to confirm that indeed I was not dreaming the previous day and she didn’t disappoint. Right now we do it overtime we meet but no one has ever come close to suspecting since the brother and I got engaged a not long ago. I told her we have to end it when I tie the knot but she told me it’s me who will look for her of which I know I will given I can’t live without what she gives me. I have evolved a lot. I check women out even in the office. A curvaceous woman can’t pass me without my head automatically checking her ass out. I have no doubts that women are sweeter, cheers to women and thanks for the platform. Again, my id keep private.

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