Revelations 101

Hey Msanii, I’m stuck here need some advice… There’s this guy he was my english teacher back in high school.. By then sikuwa nimejua mapenzi he was so friendly and I liked him ile tu ya kawaida.. We used to talk alot but school based stuff..
After high school he confessed that he loved me and wanted us to go for lunch… After sometime nikakubali I met him akitoka class he was still in campo Alikuwa anasoma during holidays and we went to his place afreshen up tutoke.I was seated on his bed Ilikuwa kwa bedsitter.So akakuja and was like mbona uko uneasy bla bla bla he kissed me I kissed back…and akaendelea with touching me nikaona the way vitu zinaendelea tutafikishana mbali nikakataa and we didn’t have sex… Nilikuwa namrespect sana and I didnt expect such would happen.. I couldn’t even go for hiyo lunch I excused myself nikaenda home.that was the first and last time tulimeet….from then we’ve been communicating through texts but rarely.
That was 4 years ago.. Am now married with one kid and even planning for a white wedding God willingly this year.
Today after a long time ametext that “he’s missed me.. He likes me wants to meet me and kiss me even if its the last thing ill do for him” mind you he is aware i’m married..
Am lost for words..I didn’t reply back… I don’t know what to say or do. I like him too he has been good to me… But I love my husband ,my family am afraid of messing up my marriage😢…

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