Hey everyone here.  My confession is short straight to the point. I was raised religiously in a religion abiding family. i didn’t know how being in a man’s arms felt until i joined college. when i joined, i became friends with my classmate, a religious guy too, let me call him x. x is also a staunch believer, more than me nothing can shake his faith if you know what i mean. Problem arised when i was given a “whorish” room mate sorry to say. Almost every day of every night, she would sneak a different man to the room and mourn all night due to the sex she got. at first it was annoying but with time it’s something that got to me, occasionally making me wet. I had this strong urge to have sex with an opposite gender. my religious friend would never be open to it, he was the only guy i was close to so i decided to give it a shot. we were up studying in my room when i kissed him then said sorry thinking he will kiss back but he didn’t. he said those were just temptations, that we have to repent and true to his word, we went to our place of worship later. my urge to have sex didn’t end atleast my room mate made sure of that. she would ask if am okay with it, i answered i don’t hear it since am deep in sleep but that was a lie, i heard everything. I started exchanging jokes with one of the men who came to the room, on normal circumstances i ignored them. we became friends too but i like the religious guy more, he has more gentleman qualities. by now i know you know where this confession is headed. i had sex with the jokes guy a few times and am addicted. I really liked sex, it’s captivating and free. i only have one man to do it with, i must bond before i do it with anyone. I like my religious guy so much that i think am lying to him everytime i have sex with the other one, we are kinda in a relationship and it might become serious so if only he would be open to having sex which i need, that would be very great. If only there were some magic words to activate his sexual system. that’s my confession, my ID stays private.

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