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I just learnt today that we are 90% bacteria and 10% human. Bewildering, right? So I’m definitely hitting someone with “Hi Giant-Chunk-of-Bacteria!”

And a smile, definitely a smile.

As bacteria, we get to be amazed by a galore of things; One of these things being a person telling you that they roller skate! This is a fun fact because roller skating is a Fun you can feel…

Roller Skating has a history dating back to 1735, when John Joseph Merlin thought it would be a grandiose idea to create shoes with wheels so he could crash a party while playing the violin, and well…he did. He crashed into a large mirror!

The first patented roller skates were inline with only three wheels and no way to turn.

Risky, right? And lovely

Probably why in 1912, there was the first recorded marriage on roller skates in the National Museum of Roller Skating.

Oh wait, There is a National Museum of Roller skating! It’s located in Lincoln, Nebraska and is visited by travelers from all over the world. Isn’t the core, the most captivating?

In 1950s the art became adopted in restaurants. Talk about meals on wheels.

Roller skating is part of the Pan American Games as well as the World Games with Roller Derby and Speed Skating being a demonstration sport for the Olympics. Numerous movies have consequently been made over the years.

Roller skating uses 80% of your body muscles and gives you great cardio workout while burning up to 650 calories an hour, listen to this…while having fun. Or as I’d like to say it, while having the time of your life.

If you are a bacteria like me, then you should find a culminating thrill in the activities that swell up your adrenaline to the ultimate crescendo. Those that are seemingly daunting, but amassing the right proportion of skill, then they are pure magical. I’ll try to be motivationally cliché and say that with the greatest risk comes stupendous reap, which is, matter-of-factly very true. And it could go either way. Colossal damage. Or explosive awesomeness. Now, we are humans with choice, and in my 10% humanity, I choose that, to not be the ghost on my death bed sharply asking why it remained a ghost forever and never got a shot at physical existence. I’d love a peaceful death. So, no, No screeching voices.

People of all ages love to roller skate. The most important skill being balance, which helps athletes become better at almost any other sport. Many Olympic ice skaters credit roller skating for their success.

You might have also heard of roll ball. Or not, maybe you’d even swear with a licked finger on the ground that it’s not existent in your school. Yet again, is it your school, or the school that you attend. Arguably subjective…

Roll ball is a game played between two teams and is a unique combination of roller skates, basketball, hand ball and throw ball. It is played on roller shoes with each team consisting of twelve players, six in the field and six in reserve. The main objective of the game is to score maximum goals within a stipulated time, the ball being held in one hand or both hands when passing to other players and repeatedly being bounced on the ground.

Not so complicated, huh?

Watching the game, there is ample unfolding; perplexing moves, breath catching, close falls, swiftness, briskness , reverse motion ,wheel screech, violent balls, risky turns, some drops of blood (ha! … only sometimes). Cumulatively, some sort of enthralling frenzy.

You must think, these guys really love hurting themselves! Don’t they care about their bodies? I’d never make my bum feel that! How would I look with scars at my age…

But that’s the single faceted story that you get to hear and consequently make it definitive of the whole.

Because skaters get to ramp themselves on bumps and have a moment of floating in the air…They get to fly for a very-rich second!

They share in the thrill of speed, that drivers do…

They get their cheeks slapped by the breeze and it’s ever so relaxing and soothing…

They get to meticulously maneuver through cones, and managing the swift moves and turns can be so fulfilling

That balancing on a single column of wheels can feel like such an achievement…

That doing all this and bouncing a ball at the same time can be so exhilarating and satisfying.

And that the danger of falling and bruising your face does exits, or hitting a gate and losing a tooth but you don’t decide to always drive at 50 kph because high speed is risky, or not to go skydiving because you might fall headfirst on a rock, or not to swim in the deep-end because you could drown. You don’t mind the brain freeze that comes with frozen yoghurt or a gallon of ice cream. And neither do you not go to stage because you are not confident with your lines. Because that on-the-fly make up of words and actions could just turn out to be the epitome of the play!

And so you go for it, not because it’s the safest thing to do, but because the risk does not define the holistic value of the entire exercise.

It’s all calculated risk with subjective value of the reward it comes with.

So no. Skaters don’t dislike their bodies. Skaters don’t like getting hurt. They don’t enjoy the wounds and neither the pain that comes with it. They just happen to genuinely be in love with and live in their boots and wheels.

 Dekut has a relatively small community of skaters and two teams for roll ball; a boys team, and a girls team, both of which get to represent the school in interschool games during KUSA competitions and friendly competitions with neighboring universities.

They hold their practice outside ADMAT in the evening. Probably explains why you weren’t aware of it? Join in some time and get rolling.

It might also interest you to know that there is also such a thing as Roll Ball World cup which takes place every two years, since 2011, with the recent one being in 2019. And that Kenya has hosted a world cup! The Kenya Roll ball Federation organized the 2013 world cup, and it was hosted at the MOI International sports Center, Kasarani, Nairobi.

Can I get some pen strokes into your diary?

Because I’d really like to add Sk8 world in Portage, Indiana as a future destination. Godspeed!



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