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Kimathi comrades look their best for less, with Yellow Strings Drycleaners, Boma.

Sabul The Bull is the immediate former Sec Gen of Dekutso and is Frank Manyara’s predecessor. He was elected Sec Gen in his second year and had he won the last elections, he would have been in the Dekutso for 2 consecutive terms. Though not in government, Sabul remains one of the most influential DeKUT students and Influencer had the following interview with him:

1. Sabul The Bull. The first time I heard that name was when you, as the Sec Gen, were circulating memos about resisting Nyekicha because of the high fares they were charging us. Your phrases are what first caught my attention. They were famous back then. Can you remind us of some of them.

I always came up with them according to a situation… I can recall a few

  1. Don’t jump over the fire if your buttocks are hairy.
  2. The only thing I can fail is a pregnancy test.
  3. Disrespecting comrades is like inserting your finger into the anus of a monster. You’ll find it rough.
  4. Comrades ought not to act normally in abnormal situations.

2. They’re hilarious. But you always have been interesting. The last time I heard of you in the public limelight, you were to organize a parallel swearing in ceremony after Manyara’s team won the elections.

I heard comrades murmuring that those who had been voted in did not qualify to be Dekutso leaders but an extended Gema family. Instead, they were being referred to as Gema prefects. Those are not my words 😂😂😂😂.

Therefore, I had decided to form my government inclusive of all other remaining tribes but I found my enemies too fragile to endure such a war.

3. That explains why you didn’t attend the handing over ceremony.

I was to attend but found another event and commitment more important than the handing over ceremony. And basically, I had nothing to hand over.

4. Anyway, before we proceed. Who is Sabul?

Sabul is a young, fertile, ambitious man. I believe in the existence of God and was born and raised under the principle of hard work and discipline. I’m a nursing student in his final year, I love politics and more so William Samoei Ruto.

5. What’s your view on online classes?

On my side I have no problem with online classes but as far as the majority is concerned it is complete crap that we should have resisted with all our body parts. Despite being in a technologically oriented university, we must also understand and bear with the students’ situation.

Not everyone has the capacity to access the online classes without inconveniences. Let classes be suspended rather than having comrades learning forcefully against their will and under unbearable circumstances. Our students are forced to chew more than what they can bite. However Dekutso tried their best but their mistake was to give us false hopes. Some of them were agitated and swore to unmask the truth about the matter only for us to be told, “A lizard cannot rape an elephant.” Seriously?????

Imagine taking a bucket load of dirty clothes to Boma at lunch and picking them up in the evening, right in time for that bash, only at 200 bob? Yellow Strings Drycleaners – Look your best for less.

6. What about the rent issue? Comrades have been complaining about the ever rising rent for a long time now.

I think we had two options and we had pursued all.
First, we went to a tribunal court, reported the matter and insisted that all the hostels and rentals in Dekut undergo a fresh assessment. The assessment was to be done on every room and its charges determined on every room and not per head.

Second, we had obtained a court order courtesy of Nyeri town mp demanding that no comrade should pay rent for the next 3 months until we agree amicably with tenants on how much they should charge us.

Anyway we were pursuing this until comrades decided.

7. You were elected Sec Gen in second year. Tell us about your political journey.

I was admitted and joined Dedan Kimathi Rift Valley Students Association. (Dekirisa) That’s where I was nurtured. I was too vocal and my potential was noted in first year. Anyway a leader is born not made that’s what I believe. I had no post in the association but I participated fully in every and any important decision.

I was also a Class Representative and a delegate in first year.

The future is also bright. It’s really too bright to look at with naked eyes… the process seems to be positive and pregnant…first, I don’t think I lost an election for a comrade never loses an election. It’s only that his victory is postponed

8. What do you think about the political scene in Kimathi?

To survive politically in Dekut, you must have people who own you. These people will create a good foundation and platform for you. Otherwise it’s not hard to maneuver and become a leader in Dekut. However, I feel that something must be done with our campus constitution. We need every community to be accommodated and be part and parcel of every new government.

9. Any comment on the last Dekutso elections?

Election is done to bring in good leaders who can help the electorate get better services. It was done democratically under the confines of the Dekut constitution and comrades saw that those were the best leaders to represent them.

10. How do you think the current Dekutso leadership is fairing? What are they doing right?

It’s not about doing anything right but pushing for comrades agendas successfully. I can’t comment what they’ve done for you know they still have a long journey to cover. But leadership can easily be assessed. Comrades can attest as to whether the current regime is appealing and if it’s delivering.

11. Are they doing anything wrong?

For you to survive in politics you must have hard balls to crack with zero emotions. The current leadership can succumb easily to any intimidation and criticism. Any form of reaction from our side however good is political to them. Leadership is not about expressing dissatisfaction, bitterness and behaving ruthlessly through memos and statuses. Real wars are fought through actions. So long as they are not bootlickers of the administration they are on right side.
A piece of advice to them: let them fight to unite the comrade fraternity and shape the government to look like an inclusive one when it’s not actually.

12. What was your best experience as Kimathi Sec Gen?

I was always happy when the administration listened and acted upon the will of comrades. My best moments were when peace was suspended in the entire university for comrades sake.

13. Your worst experience as Sec Gen?

It was around end of July 2019 when we were expected to sit for our first semester exams and we had experienced helb delay. Many of the students had not cleared fees. So I wrote a memo asking students to march to the roundabout for a demonstration to make the Administration understand it wasn’t our fault that we hadn’t paid fees. The Helb board was liable for this. I encountered betrayal from some of Dekutso members and we were to be suspended for this.
Also, a lady tenant once abused me, saying I was from satan’s family for asking her to lower the rent charges. It was so absurd and I felt really bad.

14. What do you think about DeKUT as a comrade fraternity?

Diplomacy will and shall never work in Dekut if indeed you want anything. To comrades let’s embrace our defiant spirit if we really want to stop tyrants from urinating, squatting, raping and masturbating on our rights. VIVA.AMANDLA!!!

15. Give a shout out to an influential politican in Kimathi.

Franklin Manyara, he is trying to fit into a great man’s shoes. I’m not saying he’s better but at least he is trying to do what is really expected from a student leader.

16. This has been a tremendous pleasure. How can comrades connect to you?

I am on DeChat as Bull4, Facebook as Kiplimo Ian Sabul and Twitter as @ian_sabul. My phone number is 0740902033.

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