Schedule for DeKUT Elections

On 25th September, the Schools’ Committee released the list of this year’s Electoral Commission of Kimathi Members. Since then, the election process has been shrouded in a lot of uncertainty. Some time later, the ECK commission was sworn in online, in an event that nobody apart from them knew about. It had been expected that elections would be held online due to the corona virus pandemic. But after phased reopening commenced, everything was halted to see whether it was possible for elections to be carried out normally, that is in the school.

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A month after the members of the Mohammed Maow led commission were announced, the commission has released a schedule of events and it seems that finally, the election process is back on track. This brings to an end the state of confusion and uncertainty in which the potential delegates and Dekutso officials have been in. According to the schedule, the delegates’ elections will be held on Tuesday 17th November while the Student Council elections will be held on Friday 27th November. The inauguration ceremony of the new Dekutso office will be on Tuesday 1st December.

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First Week (Friday 30th October – Friday 6th November)

Starting from Friday 30th October and extending into the coming week on Thursday 5th November, the nomination papers for delegates and student council members will be available at the ECK office. Interested candidates will be required to pick the papers, fill them and submit them before the deadline. The deadline for delegates is on Thursday 5th November while that of student council members is on Friday 6th November. The commission insists that there will be no extension of the deadlines. Submissions made after 5pm on the two days will not be accepted. Comrades who wish to be debate moderators, clerks and security officers will be also be required to submit their application papers during this time. The ECK office is at the Chancellor’s court opposite the staff cafeteria. It will be open from 8 am to 5 pm on weekdays during the election period.

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Delegate Campaign Week (Monday 9th November – Sunday 15th November)

Those who successfully applied to be clerks and security officers for the elections will be announced on Monday 9th November, as will the aspiring delegates who will have been found to satisfy the ECK requirements. On Tuesday 10th November, the ECK will hold a meeting with all delegate aspirants who will have been cleared to run. At 4pm on the same day, the electoral clerks and security officers will be sworn in by the school’s legal officer at a venue that will be communicated. On Wednesday 11th November, the student council nominees who will have been cleared to run will be announced. Delegates will be campaigning during this week.

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Delegate Elections and Student Debate Week

Monday 16th November will be the last day for delegates to submit their agents. It will be the delegates’ election silent day and there will be no campaigning. Clerks and security officials will also be trained on this day. On Tuesday 17th November, the delegate elections will be held and on the following day, 18th November, the student council aspirants will face off in the traditional debate. The venue of the debate will be communicated though it’s likely that it will be held in the freedom hall like last year to accommodate as many comrades as possible. On Thursday 19th November, the student council campaign will officially kick off and run until 25th.

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Student Council Election

Thursday 26th November will be the silent day for the student council elections and the elections will be held on 27th November. The results will be released on the same day. The inauguration ceremony and swearing in will then be held on Tuesday 1st November.

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