Senate Recalls DeKUT Students

On the 13th of October, a Senate meeting has resolved that, with the exception of first years, all Dekut students will be back in school by the end of October. Following the reopening of schools by the Ministry of Education, other universities have been giving similar directives to their students. It was therefore anticipated that Dekut would do the same. However, a good number of Dekut students have been caught unawares.

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Second year and third year students have been required to report back on 26th October. Exams will start in early November. They are scheduled to begin on 2 November for those without pending lab sessions. Classes with pending practicals will start their exams a week later on 9 November. However, these dates are subject to change by deans, especially if it is determined that more time is needed for the practical sessions.

Most finalists are already in school and are busy with projects, lab sessions and revision for their exams. This is after the university directed that all fourth year and fifth year students report back on 5th October. The exams for finalists are scheduled to start on 21st or 26th October, depending on whether they had pending practicals. Some finalists who were the first to report back in the phased reopening plan, like those in Nursing, have already finished their exams and have been awaiting further directives.

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The Senate meeting has also directed that finalists will start their final semester on 9 November, by which time they are all expected to have finished their exams. There will be a short break over Christmas, from 21st December, with students required to report back on New Year’s, according to a newly released semester schedule.

The decision to start the final semester before the year ends was reportedly arrived at after consultation with finalists. Since the finalists are already at school, it was felt that it would be more fair to start the next semester as soon as possible instead of sending them home.

No communication has been given about when first years are expected to report to school, even though most first years are anxious to report.

The senate has also resolved to introduce a new course, Bio Chemical Engineering.

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