Shtick Manenos

Hide my ID please. Who has ever thought that Muslims girls can gawa (share their honeypots) This has never crossed my mind, but if they do this is rare and they only share with their fellow Muslim dudes.

Ok I’m a dude, I used to work in Nairobi but months later I was moved to Marsabit and soon I reoocated. In mind I knew that life was gonna be tough because this was the North.
Ok when I moved to Marsabit I was amazed, it was different from my assumptions, I thought this was a part like Moyale but it was different, infact people lived in harmony, the problem is that they the residents were classy, these rich and well of families.

Ok str8 to the point, I had no friend but there was this dude we schooled together in sec, so we used to connect and show me places and chics. So once he invited me to his birthday party. I thought I was only going heavily drink, smoke my weed and retire home, to my shock, his bash was full of skirts (Kusema ukweli hawa walaalo hukua wameficha mali chini ya hizo kanzu) These girls wore booty shorts alafu they were in plenty. The ratio of dudes to chics was 1:3

Being a weed lover I came to his bash with a kg bag so that we could chain smoke. To my shock these girls were crazy-driven by weed. So I was kinda the supplier. Immediately I acquired a name (G) and a rank among them. The girls were all over me. For moments I felt like Solomon with many wives and concubines. I felt like a successful man 😂 😂.
I lured one of the girls and began vibing. I noticed that she was horny AF. I am the kind of guys who say “lawama baadae” I wasn’t gonna let this nunu miss me. I seduced this chic one by one and left for the upper floor.
Up there we smoked until she was blunt off, I knew this was the chance, I worked on her nunu like a paid attendant. Sex standing against the wall, what is more sweet …
By her moans I’m sure she loved my game. I swear these nunus are the best.
An hour after I was exhausted. We sat close to each other counting the stars, making fun of each other. We didn’t mind joining our friends. Hour after it was morning, the cold forced us to join the others. Almost everyone was knocked off. I woke up my friend and told him that I was leaving because I was to report to work but would call him later.
A week after my phone rang, it was a female voice, surprisingly it was this chic I banged the other day. She wanted us to meet, I shared my location, she came over, she came along with a friend. Upon arival they called me the nickname “G” I wasn’t shocked, little did I know that I was to get used to my new name.
They didn’t want food or drinks, they only wanted blunts. Being an “Always prepared” man I smoked them. I became horny and began playing with them. I stupidly opted “we can have a threesome” to my shock, these ghels were willing and ready, that is a chance that I myself can never decline. We fucked and fucked like porn stars.
I realized that this was a habit since we exchanged contacts. They would visit like twice or thrice a week.
It was as if we were addicted to eacg other. This wasn’t relationship coz even me myself lack a name for that bond.
This is how I learnt that nunus from the North are super awesome.
Hide my identity or else…..

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