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*Dorothy Orina*

Fervent advocacy earned us the freedom of expression, but are there people who jumped onto the right better than others?

A lopsided circle you’d say. “One Sperm Remaining,” remains to be one of DeKUT Traveling theater’s best performances. Missed it? Well, that’s unfortunate.

You sure wouldn’t want to be on the lighter and negative side of the ledger when they release their own film! You heard me right. Read rather, pardon me, I’m just generously dipped in my excitement bowl.              

DeKUT traveling theater is more of what people would call a Drama club. It is in fact the school’s drama club. However, talents are meant to be put to use and with a substantial endorsement of creativity, it would be unfortunate if they went purely by the name.

Not only do they perform and excel in the national music and drama festival, but they receive invites to county ceremonies and hotels to perform to guests and honorable members in the society. They’ve represented the school in many occasions and continue to strongly uphold the prestigious name of the school. They recently partnered with Kenya Film Commission and are planning for an event in the near future aimed at training aspiring film editors, script writers and actors. In addition, talented actors in the club are being given contracts with private film companies and will be featured in upcoming Kenyan movies. Splendid, right? Watch out for, and support them.

Ever wanted to financially earn from doing something you so genuinely love? This is a great platform for those that have the great gift of acting. The door is definitely not closed for rappers, deejays, dancers, spoken word artisans and well, comedians. Of course, comedians.

The club explores vast cultures, personalities, animal and human behavior and different political, social and economic environments. Social exploration and appreciation, how effective! In a university encompassed with different people from varied backgrounds, they are on the front-line vouching for togetherness, fairness but most of all, culture embrace.  No prejudice, no discrimination. One big family. Kenya for Kenya.

You may want to join in on their rehearsals and Karaoke nights at old mess or the balcony above the mess to relieve yourself of the day’s pressures. Freedom, the Freedom of expression.

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