DeKUTSO President’s Statement on Online Learning

The DeKUTSO president, Theuri, had a forum with Civil Engineering students to answer their questions on the ongoing online learning. We decided to share his address because it may help answer some of the questions that other comrades have. The address has been taken word for word. At the bottom of this page, feel free to leave comments or ask questions.

Thank you guys for the opportunity that you’ve given me. It’s an honor to talk and discuss with the most gifted brains we have in the university. Civil Engineering has been one of the most suitable and competitive courses we have in Kenya and it’s therefore my hope that you’ve maintained the same spirit of intelligence.

I am very delighted that your unity as a class has enabled you to be where you are today and it’s my humble request that you maintain this unity of purpose even in the days to come.

Going straight to the point, we all must acknowledge that we are fighting a common enemy which is a pandemic that has stricken the whole globe. It’s therefore a humble duty as an individual to ensure that you’re safe at all times.

The university decided to have students continue with studies while at home for timely completion of studies. Completing the tiresome university education is the best moment that one will ever have. The problem is, how do you achieve that. It’s for this reason that the university decided to come up with online system of learning bearing in mind that the system had been supported highly by the Education CS despite the many challenges that online learning has. The Cs said that kids can’t be learning online and university students fail to. This was a funny one though.

(KUSO) is the only body which would have saved us but KUSO is already dead and it’s now run by political rejects who don’t know what the student leaders go through and so no one would save all the universities from online learning.

The university couldn’t involve the students’ council since this was a national decision which would affect all the universities. We resisted the online system and at one point we involved the class reps to discuss the issue with the vice chancellor. The meeting was unfruitful since the VC wasn’t ready to accept any deal from the students.

It reached a point where, we as Dekutso weren’t involved in implementing the policies but we had to fight back to ensure that no student was denied a chance to access the online system because of the previous fee balances and this semester fees. That’s why you can all learn as you continue looking for the fees.

They had come up with 30% fee policy. We as the council felt that it wouldn’t work since there are some students who wholly depend on HELB and other things like bursaries. The 30% thing was then cancelled and everyone can continue with classes even without single payment.

In many universities like Kisii University, if you don’t pay the semester fee within two weeks, you’re discontinued from the university. In DeKUT, no one will be discontinued for whatever reasons. It’s also very important to note that other universities have not reduced their fee with even a single coin and it’s only here in DeKUT where we have something deducted from our normal fees. It’s therefore important to appreciate the work that the council have done on this part.

Engineering is a technical course and that’s why the concept taught should be made available and possible to understand to all the students. Again you should all receive recorded lectures after every lesson so that those who couldn’t manage to understand at a particular time can go through the notes at their own convenient time. Wengine wanakuwanga shambani but they can go through the notes and lectures at night. The classrep should organize this with the lecturer involved.

CATs and assignments should be given more time. CATs should be given almost two-three days to do them.

Nothing about exam has been discussed in the senate so far.

We’ve noted that some students haven’t received bundles yet but the council is following up the issue with the university to ensure that all the students get bundles. The university had given a list to kenet and we want to know what happened that the list was not fully loaded with bundles.

Otherwise, am sorry for any inconvenience made and whenever you want to ask me any question, don’t fail to call me. I receive all calls

My phone number is 0715583995
John Theuri

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