Stop Throwing Tantrums, Join Hands with the Winner

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*By Martin Pombe the First*

Several political articles have been posted on this platform in the last few days. They’ve been addressing the political situation in DeKUT. Specifically, they have been condemning it, with the most recent post being titled, “A Call for Political Hygiene in DeKUT.”

What is the current situation? In the forthcoming Dekutso elections, the student council nominees have no competitors. They will be running unopposed, which basically means that they have already won.

In last week’s Silicon Editorial, Silicon pointed out all the evils of our situation. His conclusion was that DeKUT is doomed and that leadership in DeKUT cannot be alive. According to him, comradeship in our university is dead and the burial will be on the election day – when the delegates go to an election without options.

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To be fair, it’s easy to see why Silicon would paint such a bleak picture of DeKUT. But he forgets one thing: there’s nothing to be done to change the current situation. Instead of trying to change it, instead of whining and throwing tantrums about it, we should adapt and align ourselves with the new order of things. If a river wants to pass at point A, it will be a waste of time to try and make it pass at point B.

To all the complainants, from John Gwambo to all the others who feel bitter because they were conned out of the race, listen to some wisdom: We would all like to have a system where tribalism isn’t a factor in DeKUT politics. We would love it if people could be elected purely based on merit and leadership qualities. It would be a wonderful thing. But we are not at that point of civilization yet. Take a look even at our national politics. They are controlled by cartels. So it shouldn’t be surprising that there are so called “cartels” in DeKUT that control things behind the scenes. A good number of them can be found in the list of the most popular “Influencers of the week” that DekuTrends released some weeks ago. They are the most influential people in this school and they run it like a puppet show, just like Uhuru and Raila are running the country – or whoever Tanga Tanga refer to when they use the word deep state. There are political generals who determine the fate of Dekut in boardrooms through meticulously worked out strategies.

That is the way things are in DeKUT. It’s useless to fight against this established order of things. Such a fight will achieve nothing. It will only weaken us.

The DeKUT deep state has decided that a team of seven people will run unopposed this year. That’s the way it’s going to be. But let’s forget for a moment the hideous picture that was so skillfully painted by Silicon. Let’s instead look at the bright side.

Last year, the elections were marred by tribalism. It was said that the resultant student council was not inclusive – which was true. A considerable portion of the school felt left out. The deep state had decided that the government would only be from GEMA, which was unfortunate. But this year, we have graduated to a more advanced level. The deep state has decided to have some mercy on us and it has made the student council more inclusive. A huge portion of the people who had been left out last year will now feel that they are part of the government. I’m talking about the second largest group by population in Dekut – Dekirisa. That is progress. Of course, there are still some people who feel left out, like the Mulembe and Ramogi people. But you see, we can’t be perfect. We are not God.

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So what should we do? We should appreciate the progress we have made, accept the mercy that the deep state has so kindly extended to us, and give our unwavering support to the incoming student council. And lucky for us, we have stellar individuals in that council. I cannot speak for the rest but I know that Gakere is a born leader and that with our full support as comrades, he can effectively lead the student council in making Dekut great.

As for the deep state, we can pray that God curses them for taking away our right to choose who leads us. In John Gwambo’s article, he said that they’re only after selfish interests such as the student canteen and hijacking bursaries meant for comrades who are struggling to be here. If that’s the case, then it’s very sad. Poor students have to keep applying for specials and end up taking a four year course in six years simply because the cartels have decided to have the bursaries awarded to their friends. Clearly, they don’t have our interests at heart. And we are powerless against them. All we can do is lay down like mats as they step all over us. But God always fights for the powerless. God and fate will deal with them.

As for those who feel that they were conned by the deep state, accept and move on. Reach out to Gakere. Give him your support. He is a great leader. Help him get the support of comrades. Help him unite DeKUT. And if you have any ideas that can propel DeKUT forward, go to him. I’m pretty sure he’ll listen to you. He is the only hope we have. With him at the helm and with all of us supporting him, we will see a change in DeKUT comradeship. Silicon’s prophecy of doom will not come to pass. There’s a fair chance that the big man will decide that this article should not be published. If you are reading this, it means that it was published, in which case I give the mightiest of shout outs to DekuTrends. It’s the best thing to happen in Kimathi.

Meet Gakere Nyingi

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade with them. Okay, wacha niache chocha. Mimi si mzungu. I don’t know what lemonade is. But I do know something about lemon tea. Comrades, let’s make the sweetest lemon tea that we can. It starts with 57 delegate votes for Gakere. Inawezekana na itawezekana. Our messiah is here.

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  • Silicon says:

    Hapa pia mimi imebidi tu nitii. Great job man. And of course siwezi kosa kupublish your article. As long as it has reached a certain quality, we are a free press and we give opportunities to any comrade who wants them. I’m sure people are enjoying your article and I hope we’ll be seeing more

  • It's Me says:

    In as much as we want the unopposed team in office, we should stop having negative talks in tribal and marginal lines.
    Let’s face the bull by the horns.
    If the delegates vote No or Yes it’s solely their democratic right and should be respected.
    Are we even on the know that the delegates should vote based of the comrades directive. So if any comrade directs them otherwise they should consider that and weigh it in relation to other comrades interest.
    So Danda Smart can you just concentrate on selling your best agendas and manifestos about your team to us the comrades and the delegates and stop the blame game

  • Dkairu says:

    The trust with which the incoming chairperson is held with is amazingly beautiful for the comrade. But how different will his leadership be? The only thing we can do is to WAIT.

    • It's me says:

      Which trust are we talking about here. It’s only that comrades don’t have a choice.
      If you are starving and the only thing you have in the house is sukuma wiki, you’ll not go to bed hungry. Instead, you’ll accept your situation and prepare some onions and tomatoes and fry your sukuma wiki for a meal.

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