Student’s Open Letter to The President

2 NOVEMBER 2020 
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His excellency the President of the Republic of Kenya and Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Forces, Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta, CGH.

Your Excellency, 


Your Excellency, joblessness is a tremendous crisis that is hitherto affecting the youth. Statistics indicate that over one million of us are unemployed or under-employed. The youth thank the current season resultant of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) that has opened a national conversation platform among different classes in the republic of Kenya.

Your honor, this season will matter for decades to come because the current time allows young people to converse their problems and give possible solutions that will be a panacea to what affects them.

Premier, it is with due respect and privilege that I write to you in relation to the good that the BBI envisions for our people irrespective of social status. Therefore, just as much as the political class and both genders are conversing on how to be united with each other, the youth also need to be given a voice and brought on to discuss a deal they will find fair to themselves and the country as patriots of this great nation.

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Mr. President, how to reduce unemployment in the country was not clearly outlined in the fantastic BBI document. However, this does not mean that we do not appreciate the efforts of the document of improving the livelihoods of young people. An assurance to you my king is that as young people we are not rejecting BBI. We accept it whole heartedly as a majority of the populace of our country and shall read it expeditiously for an informed decision.

Commander-in-chief, we however, are calling for a national youth conversation that will sought out unemployment, drugs and substance abuse and the system of education in our country. In that effect, I have come up with suggestions to your administration and the entire government on how to reduce unemployment.

Mr. President, the following are suggestions to your administration on how to deal with joblessness;

1. One Man One Job; Kenyans should have the kindness of acquiring one job only in both public & private sectors. Instances of more than one job should be discouraged. eg one lecturing in more than one universities and others having more than one government or non-governmental job.

2. State appointments of elderly people; the state to STOP appointment of people who are more than sixty (60) years to public offices.

3. Reduction of retirement age; retirement age should be lowered to fifty five (55) years.

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4. To keep our local sugar millers working and to promote employment of youth in those areas, the state should discourage the importation of ready – made sugar and encourage if need be, the importation of raw or unrefined sugar that will be refined and an end product of fine pure sugar done by those local millers.

5. Job requirements – (job experience); the requirements of more than five (5) years of experience should be revised.

6. Universities to retain, give scholarship for post graduate studies or employ top grade students. Government to also invest heavily in top grade graduates. (First class honors degree holders & distinction earners)

7. All government ministries at both national & county levels to have a docket that creates employment opportunities for the youth.

8. Short-term recruitment opportunities; like IEBC polling clerks & census enumerators to be left exclusively for the qualified but jobless.

9. Teachers Service Commission Recruitment; parliament to appropriate more funds to the TSC to enable the commission employ more teachers yearly.

10. University Fees Clearance (Students differing studies); Students to be allowed to sit for university examinations even with balances but be subjected to clear the balance when graduating.

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11. Talent promotion; government to promote talent and sporting activities among the youth.

12. IT literate nation; IT to be made a compulsory subject in secondary schools or be made a requirement for university admission. This will help have a nation that is not impervious to information technology.

Your excellency, the youth shall esteem it a great favor if you will have the goodness and kindness of implementing the aforementioned suggestions to increase jobs in the country. God bless you and the people of Kenya.

Yours faithfully, 
Joshua Esilaba

CC: All Youth in the Republic of Kenya

Joshua Nicholus is a finalist student of communication & Public Relations at Karatina University envisioning to become an instrument of societal change. Contact or +254 (0) 740964509

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