Sutcliffe Usagi – Hockey Player of the Year

Sutcliffe Usagi receiving the award for Hockey Men’s Player of the Year, 2019

Sutcliffe Usagi, a 4th year Dedan Kimathi comrade, was crowned the 2019 Hockey Premier League Player of the Year early last month. Sutcliffe, better known in Kimathi as Suk, went against all odds imaginable to clinch the fiercely contested award. To be crowned Premier League Player of the Year is the highest accolade a hockey player in Kenya can get. To receive such an award while still in campus with one more year left is nothing short of heroic.

The prestigious award which Suk won despite all odds

Suk does Civil Engineering, which is a demanding course by all standards. However, he managed to successfully juggle his course work with a career in the Hockey Premier League. Due to his school commitments, he did miss some midweek games. Despite that, Suk was instrumental to his team and managed to help them emerge 2nd in the league and qualify for the upcoming African Club Championships tournament.  He managed to score five goals and give four assists. This stellar performance for his team resulted in his nomination for the award.

Suk was voted top 3 out of 10 to qualify for the final round

Out of 10 nominees, Suk emerged number 3 in the first round of voting, which saw him qualify for the final round. He faced stiff competition from 2019’s Hockey Premier League top scorer – Greenshark’s Chris Wokila and Strathmore Captain Festus Onyango.

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In spite of such formidable odds, Suk emerged victorious. Even more remarkable is the fact that he won the award in his debut season for Wazalendo Hockey FC. Such heroic accomplishments remind me of Dedan Kimathi, the freedom fighter after whom our school is named. Suk is therefore a more than worthy DekuTrends Panther of the Week. He is proof that Kimathi is an institution that produces heroes who achieve greatness even while facing the most difficult challenges.

But Suk didn’t start his heroic journey last season. Earlier, he had been playing for the Dedan Kimathi hockey team. After one year with the team, he rose to the position of Captain. During his reign, he guided the team from the National League (the lowest league) to the Super League (the mid league).

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However – in line with our school’s lack of seriousness towards sports – the hockey school team had to pull out from the Super League after only one season, citing financial constraints. This was a big blow to the hockey team. Suk had to continue his career and it was then that Wazalendo FC signed him.

According to an article by the Star, Suk could be called to play for the national Hockey Team.

May this award be only the first of many for this Kimathi hero

DekuTrends wishes Suk well in his career. As Kimathi comrades, we are proud of him as a modern day hero. To interact with Suk and follow his promising career, follow him on Twitter @SutcliffeSUK and on Instagram @ sutcliffe_usagi.

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