There has been a major issue involving the current major trend of using tattoos as expressionist tools. Tattoos are categorized in several ways, one of the ways is the level of markings. This categorizes it into three, permanent, temporary and fading tattoos. Permanent tattoos are an eternal marking that can’t come out unless under special chemicals. Fading tattoos seem kind of permanent but after a few years it starts looking like more of a shade than an art. Temporary tattoos have a few weeks lifetime i.e.hina. my major issue is on the permanent and fading tattoos. Before you lie down on that bed or sit in that chair or before he puts that needle on you to draw, think. Tattoos are a representation of you. Don’t draw what someone else has, but rather what you feel. You see a moth tattoo on me today then you put it on you without knowing what it means to me. Art is a form of expressing your feelings, your past, your present or your future. It represents you. So that tattoo on your body represents you and not someone else. Let that tattoo you draw be you and represent you not a copy and paste from someone else. Get a tattoo from your heart, and the coolest tattoos that you see come from their hearts.

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