Tembeanami foundation
Motto : Let her voice be heard!
A story is told of a girl who lives in kawangware; she lacks education because she is not able to afford school fees. Question is: Where are her parents? The same girl is a mature girl who is going through the adolescent stage where her periods come every month. Where will such a girl who can’t go to school and even get money to purchase sanitary towels? She has to do the unthinkable and the unimaginable in order to get money to buy just a pack of sanitary towels which will last her till her next cycle plus buy food. The same age group of girls in Kawangware get early pregnancies and because they are too young, they opt to procure an abortion and this is what hurts me most. Some women in the same area prepare strong Concoctions for this girl’s to drink for them to terminate the pregnancies. These girls are at risk of losing their lives because of this things they have to go through to survive. I sat down and thought of ways in which we can help this girl’s who are aged between 12-19years and how I can make them feel better and tell them how life is very important and the future still needs them. How they need to stay hopeful that one day things will change for them. The boys and men are also very vulnerable to the society and we need to focus on them to. As Tembeanami Foundation we will give this young girls and boys all the support they need in terms of food, rehabilitation, sanitary towels and most importantly motivation and inspiration, in terms of; talks with them, playing sports with them, interacting with them and doing our best to give them what we can and give them the best we can. The future needs them..
As Tembeanami Foundation we will partner with different organizations to lift up the spirits of this young girls and boys and give them what life couldn’t. So join us all and let’s change the lives of the girls and boys in kawangware.

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