The Bull has been De-horned and Castrated

A few days ago, The Whisperer, asked who this Theuri was that dared to go against the bull. Click here to read that article. Well, he’s been answered. Theuri is the new President of Kimathi. The swearing in will happen next week on Thursday, after which it will become official. This morning Theuri and the members of his coalition comfortably won the elections, enjoying the support of a clear majority of the delegates. Here are the results:

Chairperson: Theuri 34 Sabul 20

Sec Gen: Manyara 34 Gaucho 20

Sports, Entertainment & Security: Kihonge 33 Atema 21

Campus Secretary: Joyce 33 Wekesa 21

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Sabul The Bull, who had been seen as the favorite since he was the incumbent Secretary General, has not taken the defeat lying down. In an interesting turn of events, he has declared that he will hold a parallel swearing in ceremony to swear himself in. His claim is that the elected student council is not inclusive.

Sabul is the elected official with one of the best performance records in the outgoing student council. He had gained a certain level of respect among comrades. One would have expected him to go out with a little more dignity. Anyway, the video below shows the kicks of a dying horse, or more aptly in this case – the grunts of a castrated bull.


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