The Bull v The Underdog, Who Wins?

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Given below is the list of the applicants who qualified to run for office in the up coming elections. Of course the spotlight is on the aspirants for the Chairperson seat. “Sabul The Bull,” who was featured some time ago as the top most influential student in Kimathi, right here on DekuTrends, will be facing off against John Theuri.

At first glance, Theuri is obviously the underdog in this race, which may turn out in his favor. Sabul The Bull is the incumbent Sec Gen meaning he is experienced and as powerful as a member of the mostly toothless DeKUTSO can be. Who is this Theuri that dares go up against the bull? A good number of people don’t know who Theuri is but on asking around, you hear that there are some people who really believe in him. Anyway, all we can do is wait and see.

That said, there are some interesting points which i will highlight about this list of candidates. Some aspirants seem out of place in the seats they are running for. I was at the notice board yesterday looking at this list when I heard someone say, “Huyu si ni Gaucho. Yule Gaucho wa futa? Kuweni serious bana. Huyo ndiye atakuwa Sec Gen wetu?” On inquiring, I found that the Gaucho in question is Onsongo Wycliffe. I asked around some more and the popular sentiment was that the guy should have run for sports office. I don’t know him very well but just because someone plays football doesn’t mean he can’t become a Sec-Gen right? Nobody thought Sonko could become Nairobi Governor. Anyway, it all depends on the perception the delegates have about him. Maybe his past actions will come to haunt him, who knows?

Another seemingly misplaced individual is the Mark Felix guy running for the Sports, Security & Entertainment docket. The students I have spoken to who are involved in sports say they know nothing of him in sports. On the other hand, everyone who plays football seems to know Atema, his competitor. But then again, the docket does not entail sports alone so maybe that point doesn’t hold much water. Mark Felix, however, will have a more difficult time convincing the electorate that he is the right man for the job.

By the way, the moderators’ interview was held yesterday, on Wednesday and the results are supposed to be out this Friday. Stay tuned to know who the moderators are as soon as the results are released. The moderators will officiate the candidates’ debate. According to the moderators we get, maybe this year’s debate will be sensible. In the past, the candidates’ debate has been a spectacle which students attend more for entertainment purposes rather than to help them decide which candidates to vote in. And especially now that the delegates will vote on behalf of students, it is a complete waste of time. Why?

Because most of the delegates are already affiliated to one of the two existing political camps. So even before the delegates are voted in, individually, they already know who they will vote for if given the chance. In line with that, it is possible to know the outcome of the final elections according to the outcome of the delegate elections on Tuesday. If one camp succeeds in getting more of their delegates into office, then most likely, all the candidates in that camp will have won, even before the elections on Friday.

The only chance we have in getting decent leaders is in voting in decent delegates. But we know ourselves… Ha ha… We won’t vote in delegates because they are decent. That’s too much work for us. Some of us will vote in delegates because they are popular, without considering their capacity to make sensible decisions on our behalf. Others will vote in delegates that hail from their tribes. It’s what we do. And yet others like me won’t waste clean clothes to go vote come election day. We prefer to stay at home and let our destiny be decided for us.

Dekutrends will be releasing a delegates gallery. If you are a delegate and would like your photo and brief campaign message included in the gallery – for only a hundred shillings – whatsapp this number: 0703154483


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