For the last three hours, I have been thinking of why English is so poor that it doesn’t have the correct word to describe comrades, rights, unity, and injustice. Because if it could, I could spend the nights and the days telling you a story of the heroes and heroines that died of the white man’s bullet in the forests of Mount Kenya.

I would tell the story of our Hero, Dedan Kimathi, who gave away all he had, his life, for the sake of the freedom he badly wanted you and me to have. He fought the atrocities of the colonialists with unwavering focus so that people like comrades can go to school in peace and get a quality education. And even though he was betrayed and finally killed, his efforts and acts of sacrifice are fresh in our minds. We can almost always see it when we close our eyes.

If your school at Dedan Kimathi University, you can see his sacrifice at the lashes of your eyes. But unfortunately, his sacrifice for the freedom of expression, quality education for Kenyans, and a better future are all going down with him. Inside the walls of Dedan Kimathi University, talking of unity, freedom of expression, justice, and rights, is like trying to fetch water with a sieve.

Dekut is known for quite a lot of things. Perhaps the most common thing is its timely completion of its studies. Students from Dekut have done a lot of remarkable achievements. Newspapers cannot stop themselves from mentioning Dekut even now and then. But since Coronavirus came, students from the school have been telling a different story. A story of mental torture, denial of freedom of expression, and the list is as long as their fear and ignorance.  

The first thing that happened was online classes. Which I will not tell you because, for one, I will tear up when I remember how difficult and stressful it was and secondly, because you can read if from here

Comrades who graduated this year have their share of grumps. They will never forget how the best occasion in their academic life was transformed into a sad, not-so-cool virtual occasion overnight. Luckily for them, they were bidding goodbye to the school for good. For them, graduating virtually was the last bitter bite to chew. 

Dekut comrades, after struggling with all that came along with online schooling, are yet to finish their heap of misery mental torture, a bitter pill to swallow. Perhaps I would save you the agony of telling about it, but how can I not tell you about the memo concerning Advanced Cats?

The senate has conspired to have comrades take online exams which are scholarly called Advanced Cats. In a memo signed by the director of academic affairs, the students are to have one week, (7 days excluding their other commitments at home) to revise the content they attained over the ineffective online learning they have undergone.

In it’s most sober state, the Senate agreed to have the cats carry double weight, which primarily means that a comrade, whether working with NYS on the railway renovation scheme or looking after their cattle in the drying bushes will have to score a minimum of 50% to continue schooling in the best university. Just so you know, the Advanced Cats are not an alternative for the usual exams. The same comrades will have to burn the midnight oil when school reopens and redo the exams.

With a comrade culture too poor to stand for their rights to be listened to, Dekut comrades are now busy pissing on their shorts, pointing fingers to what they call a god-forsaken student council. Like before, they are rioting with their tails behind their hind legs, like a toddler that refuses to eat pumpkins only to munch them at the sight of a mother’s rod. They will throw their cowardly tantrums behind the gates, too afraid to come out and demand what they deserve. They will stay quiet, watch themselves become refurbished nurses, and unprofessional business managers, won’t they?

They have been cowards. They have let their rights of quality education get pissed on by a senate that stopped caring about quality education the moment their accounts sunk with salaries. The school stopped caring about the kind of engineers it is making the day it started chasing after fame and reputation. The sad thing is that comrades, although they know their rights with their heart and mind, will continue massaging the school’s ego until their education becomes infertile. Until when?

The day Dekut comrades let their fear outgrow their rights, that was the worst day. And like Dedan Kimathi, an honorable man he was, comrades and the school have a chance to revive the will of our forefathers. Freedom was attained the moment he was slain, the moment our brave women were raped in the bush, the nights our grandparents were mentally and physically tortured by a white man. At the moment, a black man is staking the lives of a comrade in the name of a good reputation. Your life as a comrade is about to be sold out to some fame. You can let that happen, or you can make the difference.

You can stop being a coward of your dreams and rise to the occasion. Defend your education by seeking to attain what is quality in your profession. Choose not to be intimidated by grounds of divisive threats because you won’t be a nurse of your wounds. You need people. And to be with people, unity is not optional.

Comrades that know with the heart that Advanced Cats will leave a green hot ugly heap of shit will go ahead and sign the petition in the link below. Click here to sign. Those who feel like their rights are under no abuse, their education as straight as bamboo, can go ahead and keep pissing on the desires of our forefathers, of democracy.


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