The Hustles of Online Classes

*Njuguna Kabuku*

I’m Njuguna Kabuku, a third year student pursuing Bachelor of science in Nursing.

Being a comrades’ activist, I got extremely concerned about the fact that students will go beyond their norm and pursue their courses online in order to timely complete their respective degrees in due time as dekut has always enhanced this. First, I was not against this initiative by the institution simply because a university of technology has to prove itself beyond any reasonable doubt that indeed it is. All the way from virtual graduation to also admitting first years via the online platform.

Online classes started quite some time ago in mid-may when Vc had to get in touch with class reps and engaged them on the same. Providing class reps with data bundles worth the session coverage dictated that for other sessions to be successful data services provision wouldn’t be an excemption… By then comrades were very bitter about this having all reasons to reject all moves to facilitate the online classes. The classes resumed but students had nothing else other than squeezing themselves and pushing their parents to provide resources to be in position to acquire some bundles.

Later the school gave directive to students to pay at least 30% of the fee then register themselves for the semester and also get facilitation of the bundles – 10gb monthly. The students saw some light. The big question that remained unanswered was and remains to be, data bundles will not be a problem,connectivity and power takes the lead. (From experience I remember a day power went off just the night prior to my class in the morning. I had no power bank, my phone went off and I had to pray for miracles to happen the following day and for power to be back. It was very unfortunate that I had to miss it besides having everything it would take to attend the class session.

Now on the main business, on 10th june the bundles were provided to comrades. I don’t know which criteria they used. I have been receiving complaints that a good proportion never received it yet they have done as the school directed. Hopefully, they will receive their potion;equality should prevail.They are not children of a lesser God.

“I have received 10240mbs for one month.This will make any single comrade happier than ever. Its a good token to say. I received many questions regarding the 10Gbs. A university student has alot to do matters regarding study, research, data provided was only meant to surf specific sites. It could not download media on WhatsApp, facilitate emails or download tutorials. This calls for a backup on the voucher data. I’m just but a comrade to attend the session. Thank you Dekut for atleast checking on the comrades welfare.”

Now lets have some facts here at hand. A serious comrade uses 200mbs a day to comfortably do his studies, an addition of at least 300mbs to surf the internet and youtube to get the concepts taught right. My good friend James Changweyo can use at least 1gb a day to completely understand a lecture. Simple maths tell me that this data should be active for every site. University students depend majorly on social networks to build on the basics and come up with innovations. Comrades will tell you that the bundles are not enough. Cate(Nursing student) has already finished her pack. Computer science and engineering students will also tell you that the pack can only go a maximum of 1wk.

We have to struggle to attend the classes because power remains a big deal. A good number lives in remote areas where power connectivity is among the goals of vision 2030. The institution should at least consider them.
I’m that humanitarian being whose joy is seeing everyone succeeding in their endeavors. I’m always happy when students have no barrier towards their dreams.

It worries me a lot when I see Dekut exploiting students and turning deaf ears to their wishes. I got saddened during a certain meeting when the school boss said “you can defer the academic year if you are not in position to attend the online classes”. I agree with some students who say ”si lazima uende classes zote ndo upite” Attendance just matters to some. Wengine wetu tutaivishwa na marafiki.

“Around DeKUT, they think we earn money just quarantining at home.” Click here to read Alan Shadowrine’s article on the increased first year’s fee.

My recommendation to subsequent E-learning bundles is to ensure they provide beneficial bundles to all comrades. It’s not a matter of class attendance. My second recommendation is that they should provide them uniformly.

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