IAESTE: More than a Club, a life changing Experience

*Dorothy Orina*

“Light skin!”

But then there’s something more than that…

More than just a lighter shade of our authentic lush melanin…

Something so undeniably and unequivocally NOT KENYAN

“You’re like me, but white!’

Different. Yay?

You might have also been wandering mindlessly through the alleys, and in your unconscious eavesdropping as I’d like to believe, your brain picked up an accent. And there was a rabid invasion in your mind, a frenetic fight between Ghanian and Nigerian. And there was a spark and there was fire and there was an explosion. And there was a winner. Ghanian! Yes. And you felt good about it.

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But there’s something that would make you feel better, because other than just watching Sophia the first, you’d like to go to Disneyland and other than having the sweet sensation of a big daddy passion lollipop, you’d like to have the dark dots on yellow all around you. And you’d like to be immersed in that strawberry Delamere yoghurt and smear it on your tongue and consume it in its wholeness. And you would like to travel. Of course you’d like to travel.

You’d like to tour France and Germany and Polland and Sweden, just to mention but a few.  Because your list is perpetual. It goes on and on like a domino effect because you totally wouldn’t mind circumnavigating the world. Not just the world, Kenya. You’d like to appreciate nature and wildlife and vegetation. You’d like to embrace and appreciate the difference between cultures. And so you’d love to take trips, sometime. To interact with different people and do different things. To expose yourself, expand your social circle and bring about change in society.

Well, I present to you, IAESTE!

The International Association for The Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE) is an organization that operates in Dekut as a club and arranges for international internships, for students to gain technical work experience all around the world.

It aims to provide international experience to students both in their respective fields of learning and also with regard to culture and global interaction. Good news, the club lives up to its goal!

Last year alone, it managed to send six students to Europe and Asia for their external attachments. The training which lasts anything from 4 weeks to 52 weeks, bears memories, advancement in careers and an improved social network. Some would even dare to call it a life changing experience.

Similarly, the club has students from around the world coming to Dekut, for their internships. The countries that have been involved in the exchange with Dekut before include Ghana, India, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Poland and Sweden.

IAESTE Dekut chooses not to only focus on Student Exchange. It hosts a lot of other fun and interactive social activities such as the annual multinational and multicultural food cookout which makes a great effort at embracing and appreciating the difference between cultures. It also organizes for local events and community projects such as tree planting, clean ups and visits to children’s homes.   

The major event for IAESTE happens to be the annual trip during which students get a chance to tour a thoughtfully selected local destination. Places previously visited include Maasai Mara, Samburu, Amboseli, Lord Egerton Castle, Tsavo West National Park and Mombasa. It not being exclusive to IASTE members only, makes it one of the most exciting and fascinating trips organized in Campus. Definitely a wholesome experience.

To many, IASTE is not just a club, it’s a lifetime experience.

If you’d be interested in joining, contact Amani Wanjau at 0720641325


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