The Most Promising Delegate Candidates, SOE

1. Anthony Kibet Maswan is a Mechatronics Engineering Student in year 2.2. He is the chairman of the Dekut football association and was involved in the planning of the Kimathi Super League. He is the founder and team manager of Tronics Eleven, a football team in Dekut. Asked why he is vying for the position of delegate, he says that he wants to ensure the right representatives of students are elected into the Dekutso council and advocate for an increase in the wages of school team players and coaches.

Anthony Kibet Maswan

2. Daniel Mutunga Mwanzia is a third year student pursuing a B. Ed. In Electric and Electronic Engineering. He says he wants to be a delegate so that he can ensure that the incoming student council gives straight, honest answers to students without spin and without using jargon and giving misleading or unsatisfactory facts. He wants to help vote in a council that will work hard to deliver sustainable, evidence-based and credible policies and not just blindly tow the administration’s line.

Daniel Mutunga Mwanzia

3. Millicent Andanji is a third year EEE student. She currently serves as the secretary of the Innovators club, known for such remarkable projects as the speed governor. She claims that if she becomes a delegate, she will help vote in able and outspoken leaders that are capable of placing comrades’ rights first. She is passionate about leadership and hopes to vie for one of the posts in the Dekutso council in future so as to positively impact the lives of comrades.

Millicent Andanji

4. Moses Mwangi is a first year Mechatronic Engineering student. He was the school President in Thika High School. He describes himself as being goal oriented, leaning towards the service of comrades and as aggressive enough to lead them to greater heights. He says that he understands the background of comrades, their hunger to succeed and is dedicated to helping them achieve their dreams of a bright future. He says that if voted in as delegate, he will go out of his way to vote for leaders who will help comrades achieve their dreams.

Moses Mwangi

5. Gachanja Ephantus alias “Epho” is a third year B Sc. Civil Engineering Student. He has been the representative for his class since first year and has therefore worked closely with the different student councils. He says he has seen real leaders who selflessly represent student interests as well as goons and clueless individuals who lead to the suffering of comrades. He had preferred to keep out of politics before but this previous year made him rethink his stance. He describes the last year as ‘particularly stressful and full of oppression for students.’ He says that if elected, he will fully take on the responsibility of placing competent people who have proven themselves in the Dekutso council. He urges everyone to come out and vote. As a parting shot, he leaves this Barrack Obama quote, “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

Gachanja Ephantus aka “Epho”

6. Brian Kakundi Nyamai is a second year in Telecommunication and Information Engineering. He has been the representative for his class so far and says that he has been standing with comrades for better or worse. He promises that if elected, he will responsibly undertake his duty as the delegate.

Brian Kakundi

7. Biwott Paul Kipkirui is a third year student in Mechatronic Engineering. He vied for the delegate position last year and was a runner up. He was involved in the mobilization of students against Enhanced CATs, an effort that brought together over 1000 students. He says that if voted, he will continue to fight for the rights of comrades by ensuring the right leaders are elected.

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