The New Government is Officially in Office

The transition from the old government to the new is complete after the chairperson elect, Theuri, and his team were sworn into office on Thursday. The event was held at the Academic Block Auditorium. Everything went smoothly but the outgoing Secretary General Sabul’s absence was noticeable. He was expected to be present in order to hand over to the new Secretary General, Manyara.

Micha handing over to Theuri

After losing to Theuri in the chairperson race, Sabul had promised to hold a parallel swearing in ceremony but so far, nothing of the sort has taken place. This shows that the previously charged political atmosphere has disappeared and things are back to normal.

Outgoing President Micha, Outgoing Sports Secretary Emali and Commissioner Maureen following the proceedings

Five of the members of the previous government were present including Micha, Emali, Norah and the Campus Secretary. Among all the officials in the previous council, only the Campus Secretary – Joyce Wanjiku – has managed to retain her position.


While addressing the gathering, the outgoing Chairperson Micha congratulated the new leaders of the school. Outgoing Sports Secretary Emali, while congratulating the new leaders, also warned them that leadership was not a walk in the park and told them to brace themselves. The Campus Secretary thanked the outgoing government for their support and urged the new government to extend her the same support and cooperation.

The outgoing Gender & Disability Secretary Norah

Also present at the event were the members of the electoral commission. Though the elections are complete, the commissioners will still be in office for a whole year, in case a by-election is found necessary.

Manyara, the incoming Sec Gen
Sharon, the incoming Finance Secretary
Mark Felix Kihonge, the incoming Sports & Entertainment Secretary
Ceclilia Wangechi, the incoming Gender & Disability Secretary
Mwende, the incoming Vice Chairperson

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