The Race is Getting Too Hot in the CCA 2020 Awards

We’re into the 4th day of the DeKUT Comrades Choice Awards 2020. The event, which is the first of its kind in our university, has met with massive success. By morning today, more than 3,100 unique comrades had cast their votes. The awards have been registering an impressive 1,000 votes per day. The competition is stiff. Several competitors who had taken an early lead have been overtaken. Meanwhile, some competitors continue to cement their lead. By the time the voting stops on Thursday, we will most definitely have been treated to a good show. The candidates that emerge victorious will really have fought for their spots. In future, knowing how stiff the competition of the CCA awards is, being a winner of a CCA award in any category will be quite prestigious. As we get into the final days of voting, more upsets are expected to happen and it promises to be an exciting race.

Rather than going for traditional awards like trophies that comrades are likely to find boring, the committee opted for a fresh new type of specially ordered custom made awards. A unique award has been made for each category. Here is what the Prof Kioni Tech Innovation of the Year Award looks like:

Here are the most competitive categories:

1. Shakem Foundation Queen of the Year Award with 1500+ responses. Love Mwendwa had taken an early lead in this category. However, Brilliant Ruto caused an upset and now has the lead with 275 votes (17.7%) compared to Love’s 259 votes (16.7%) Nancy Njeri is the closest to the top two, with 188 votes (12.1%) Purity Mwende and Janet Chepkirui follow with 163 votes (10.5%) and 148 votes (9.5%). This seems the most competitive category because the competitors have very little margins between them. It will be interesting to see who emerges victorious and whether the likes of Nancy Njeri, Purity Mwende and Janet Chepkirui will cause an upset and take the lead. If you were to place a bet, which of these potential queens do you think will not choma your bet? Tell us in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

2. The Baked Student Entrepreneur of the Year Award (1700 + responses)

Janja Crafts had taken an early lead in the category but Bai Dera steadily rose and now has the first spot with 323 votes (18.5%) compared to Janja Crafts’ 298 votes (17.1%) Sakau Daniel is hot on the heels of the top two, with 297 votes (17.1%) Harrison wa Mutura (Boma) is also on the rise, with 12.1% of the total votes. This is the category with the most responses and as we get into the final days of voting, it will be really interesting to see how things go. Who do you think will win? Tell us in the comments section.

3. The Isaac “Izaw” Ochieng’ Male Sports Personality (1600+ responses)

Cliff Gaucho had taken an early lead in this category, only for Lemerian Gideon to cause an upset and take the lead. Lemerian now has 493 votes (29.5%) compared to Cliff’s 433 votes. (26%) Swaleh Mabuka has been rising steadily and now has 350 votes (20.9%) Sutcliffe Usagi, who won the Hockey Mens’ Premier League of the Year award early this year, is in fourth place with 211 votes (12.7%) With three voting days to go, anything could happen. Do you think you can predict the results? If you do, comment at the bottom of this page.

4. Ask Designers Female Sports (1400+ responses)

Ruth Njoki has managed to maintain her lead in the category since the beginning. However, the margin between her and her competitors has been narrowing and today, she has been overtaken. She is in second place now with 400 votes (28.1%) Dorothy Orina (Dottie) is now in first place with 409 votes (28.8%) Lorraine Chepkemoi is not far behind with 340 votes (23.9%) and it will be interesting to see what happens as we get into the final stretch of voting. Who do you see winning?

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These guys seem to be having comfortable leads:

1. Love Mwendwa – Franklin Manyara Female Class Rep Award

Love is enjoying the most comfortable lead. It seems people love her as a class rep. No other contestant is leading with a higher margin than hers. She has 550+ votes (42%) The contestant closest to her is Jackie Tum with 240 votes (18.2%). But we still have 3 voting days and we will see what happens.

2. Ian Kiplimo SabulAllan Shadowrine King of the Year Award

Sabul has 403 votes (27% of total votes cast) His closest rival, Victor Karanja (MCA) has 232 votes (15.5%) It had appeared as if Sabul will be removed from the top spot but then he increased the margin of his lead. However, the results of this category are unpredictable since each of the competitors is highly influential. It wouldn’t be a surprise if any of the rest emerged the winner, even though it will be an uphill task for them.

3. Covid-19 ventilator – Prof Kioni Tech Innovation of the Year Award

The ventilator has 419 votes (31.4%) The closest contestant is Plant Signal with 253 votes (18.9%). Plant Signal may just clinch the lead by the end of Thursday. Who knows?

4. Joe M – DekuTrends Photographer of the year award

With 429 votes out of 1200+ (34.2%), Joe M is leading comfortably in his category. The closest contestant is Ruckuz Photography with 279 votes (22.3%) However, there is stiff competition between the rest of the competitors. Do you think Joe M can be kicked out of the number one spot? Comment down below

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5. Debbie Wambui – The Alex Njuguna Fresher of the Year Award

Debbie has 409 votes out of 1098 votes (37.2%) and is comfortably leading. Her closest competitor is however not that far behind. She has 255 votes (23.2%) and anything is possible especially at this stage of the competition and as we have seen before. Ambrose Wabwile with 192 votes at 17.5% also has a shot. Let’s wait and see.

6. Brilliant Ruto – The Sabul the Bull Comrade Servant of the Year

Brilliant Ruto has steadily cemented her lead in the category. She has 335 votes (24.1%) Her closest competitor, Kihonge Kagiri, has 196 votes (14.1%) Purity Mwende has also been steadily rising and now has 181 votes (13%)

7. Dekut CU – Magenta Solutions Club of the Year

DeKUT CU took an early lead in this category and maintained it. But as we get into the most volatile stage of the competition, the likes of Rotaract, Catholic Action and Dekirisa may cause an upset.

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