The Rent Issue

*Rinani Nyakenyanya*

A pen is mightier than the gun, or so they say. I trace this lines today to advance that course. My bone of contention is with the landlords around Dekut, who do not have even a scintilla of empathy for us, but are keen to mint money from us. Here is the point. Nobody knows the extent of this pandemic, which like a ravenous wolf that has tasted blood, is ravaging our country and is still baying for ours. Our parents, guardians or some of us were left financially strained and embarrassed. Some even lost their jobs. It is against this backdrop that the landlords should lower the accumulated rent over this period.

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To charge students full or half of the rent during this period is not only inhumane but bizarre. You see, ours as a student body is a symbiotic relationship with the landlords. We are the principal tenants of their hostels, save for those residing in Nyeri town. If Dekut were to be relocated to another place, the hostels in Bomas, Nyeri View, Nyaribo and even Embassy will take months to get clients, if lucky. Take the period of interim for instance, when other students are doing external attachment, many hostels are half empty. Therefore as principal tenants, we should only pay security and storage services during the last six months.

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Gloom and despair, like the pull of death, lingers in many a student’s mind. They are not sure whether they will meet the expenses in addition to the school fees. A humble appeal to our leaders and those in the university management – talk with the landlords so that we can reach a compromise. Some landlords have towed the line and agreed to charge less. That is commendable to them. However, to the others who meet our humble pleas with gloves of steel, seeking to benefit from a worldwide pandemic, it is a shame. You have hit us below the belt. We may pay out of fear of losing accommodation but be sure that what goes around comes around.

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