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ECK Calls Off Election Campaigns

The Electoral Commission of Kimathi has released a statement announcing that there will be no campaigns this year. This is in line with the Ministry of Health directives that there should be no public gatherings due to the corona virus pandemic. Even without this directive from the ECK, there can’t be much campaigning this year, seeing that the Dekutso council nominees have no competitors. As opposed to earlier years where posters would be all over campus, there are none this year. Delegates have been relying on WhatsApp for their campaigns, with WhatsApp groups being the most common tool. Digital posters are also circulating on social media. The elections are set for the coming week, with delegate elections set to be held on Tuesday 24th and council elections on Friday 27th.

Political Tensions Escalate As DeKUT Nears Elections

After the ECK announced that there was only one successful nominee for each Dekutso council position, we embarked on the path to what could go down as the most unique election in Dekut’s history. It was astonishing to note that though there had been multiple candidates eyeing the various positions on the council, in the end, there was only one successful nominee for each of the seven positions. Comrades could not help but wonder how this had happened. Some of the explanations that have been offered include: betrayal in previously formed alliances between candidates and the influence of the deep state. John Gwambo, in an article published on DekuTrends, called for hygiene in Dekut politics, blaming the current situation on the heavy influence of tribalism in politics. Martin Pombe also called for the “losers to stop throwing tantrums and join hands with the winning side” for the betterment of Dekut, praising the nominee for Chairperson, Gakere Nyingi, as an able leader.

Comrades’ Choice Awards

Nomination for the CCA 2020 is ongoing, with voting set to begin soon on the DekuTrends website. The objective of the awards is to recognize and appreciate comrades in different fields, including sports, talent, comrade service, influence and entrepreneurship. To nominate someone for any award category, contact Learn more about the awards and see all the categories here

Concerns On Why Elections Are Being Held If There’s No Competition

There have been concerns among comrades regarding the necessity of the forthcoming elections since there is no competition. Normally, students elect delegates who in turn choose among several candidates. For each post, the candidate with the highest number of delegate votes becomes the winner.

But with the way things are this year, some comrades believe that it is useless to vote for the delegates since no matter what happens, the successful nominees will win. However, according to Muia Stephen, who is running for a delegate position in the department of Civil Engineering, it is possible for the nominees to fail to get into office, even if they have no competitors. This can happen if majority of the delegates decide to vote against the candidates. In such a case, a by-election will be organized by the ECK. If the same scenario occurs again, and the candidates fail to get a majority vote, then another person shall be appointed by the student council to fill the post.

This is explained by this excerpt, taken from the Dekutso constitution,

“In case there is only one candidate contesting for a post, the DEKUTSO electoral commission shall arrange for a special ballot paper where voters shall either vote for or against that candidate. A simple majority must vote for the said candidate. If the candidate fails to be voted for by a simple majority, the Electoral Commission Chairperson shall declare new dates for a by-election. If in a by-election only one candidate contests for that post, and the said candidate fails to secure a simple majority vote, the Students’ Council shall appoint another person to fill the post.”

Vice Chancellor Address to the First Years
The Vice Chancellor giving his official address to first years

On Tuesday 17th November, first years gathered in the Freedom Hall for the Vice Chancellor’s address and official welcome to the university. The VC, Prof Kioni, emphasized the university’s commitment to ensure that students finish their courses in the shortest time possible without compromising the quality of education. He also highlighted the importance of empowering students to establish and run successful enterprises in addition to giving them technical skills and knowledge. After the address, as a way of welcoming the first years to Dekut, they were given free yogurt.

Successful Accreditation of New Courses in Dekut
The VC upon receiving a visit from the CUE at the CBD campus

Following inspection by the Commission for University Education, close to ten new programs have been approved. These include three undergraduate programs: Bsc in Chemical Engineering, Bsc in Geology and B Tech in Building Construction. The other programs that have been approved are Masters Programs in: Telecommunication Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Machine Tools Design and Manufacturing, Civil Engineering, Chemistry and Forensics and Security Management.

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