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Corruption is something we complain about and whose negative impact we recognize. Even the corrupt acknowledge that corruption is a bad thing. But those who engage in corruption love it and the tragedy is that those who do not engage in it accommodate it. We tend to relate so poorly with money. It is a useful commodity that allows one to do things with ease but if you allow money to control you and you begin to adore money and acquire appetite for money then you must be in trouble.

The newly successful aspirants for the DEKUTSO positions are men and women under siege from known quarters. The cartels who have branded themselves as political strategists are out to milk them dry; an act which I may describe as being pernicious to the core. Their only excuse is that the successful delegates from their coalition will need a VIP treatment, from spending the night before the student council’s election in a five-star hotel to the enjoyment of recreational facilities. All this at the expense of the aspirants of the student council positions.

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The aspirants have no otherwise but the divine duty to accept what they are being told by these cartels. The cartels are so far proving beyond reasonable doubt that they are a scar in the conscious of humanity. I believe that these coming elections should be about competition of ideas but some of the unfortunate hiccups are that the cartels believe that all the successful delegates will be under their tutelage and anybody opposed to this will be disrupting their agenda.

The chapter six of the DEKUTSO constitution Article 29(6) stipulates that the electoral commission should ensure compliance and adherence to the electoral procedures and rules. In the same chapter Article 36(e) speaks about bribery as an election offense. Therefore the delegates should not be bought by any individual in the political purchase market. The ball is now in the court of the electoral commission, with the help of comrades, you must do it because if you don’t do it, we will be done for.

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The question so many comrades are asking even in their silence is: Who are these cartels? Why is their level for tolerance of corruption amazing? Why do they lack the nature of self-preservation? Maybe their hearts are made of stone for them to go to the extreme end of violating the DEKUTSO constitution for selfish interests. For a long period of time, they have succeeded in executing their agenda therefore making comrades hewers of wood and drawers of water in the whole election process. This is unprecedented in the history of modern civilization.

Finally, one Gakere Nyingi is becoming a household name among comrades. Is he the only contestant in the coming election? It should be noted that I have absolutely nothing against the short lanky man but I’m a strong believer that one swallow does not make a summer. His counterparts should also be known by comrades and held accountable for him to realize his noble intentions. If he receives the support required on his finer points of governance, then he might leave behind a cemented legacy.

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