Trend Report 12th April

Trending on Twitter

1. Rwanda – Yesterday was Rwanda’s Kwibuka, a day on which they commemorate the genocide against the Tutsi in 1994.

2. KMTC – Azziad Nasenya, the Tiktok sensation, has been trending. She’s been doing a tour of local media stations, with everyone scrambling to do an interview with her. NTV made a mistake and in a social media post, declared that Azziad was in KMTC and not KIMC as is the case

3. Ndii & Auma – Ndii, after being baptized as David Auma Ndii, continued to trend as Auma

4. Miguna – The National Resistance Movement general continued to trend especially because of his fight with Ndii Auma

5. theenemywithin – there has been outrage on twitter after the SRC released a statement declaring the additional payments given to health workers in Machakos as unlawful. In a bid to motivate his health care workers, Alfred Mutua introduced allowances of between 5000 and 20000. The SRC is against this move, saying that it will cause inequity in remuneration across counties, leading to instability in health care at this critical time.

8. Circumcision – The circumcision trend was sparked by Ndii calling Miguna Miguna a ‘kihii’ earlier

9. KiberaFoodChaos – After Raila’s food donation in Kibera turned wrong, this hashtag has been trending with most #KOT criticizing Raila, claiming that the donation was a mere PR stunt.

10. Ebola – Ebola was trending after a new case was reported in Congo. There has been an outbreak since August 2018 which has seen the deaths of 2200 people. The country had expected to declare an end of the outbreak on Sunday but with this new case it will be impossible.

11. AzziadNasenya – Azziad, the girl who had to switch off her data after she got famous only to switch it on and get 13,000 messages, continues to trend. She keeps getting interviewed by media station after media station. The cyber bullying that was initially directed against her seems to have disappeared and she has won the hearts of many.

12. Bombalasanaa – This TV47 show was trending as it featured Azziad Nasenya live from 10am to 12pm.

13. Booksasoutfits – #KOT joined tweeps around the world in the booksasoutfits challenge, in which you match the cover of a hard-copy book to an outfit

14. sugoi – Comments about DP Ruto continued to trend through the hashtag sugoi

15. MasculinitySaturday – Masculinity was trending as different men on twitter gave their fellow men advice on promoting their masculinity and on what masculinity should be. Eric @amerix seems to be the master of this hashtag, which appears every week on Saturday.

Top Ten on YouTube 11th April:

1. Femi One X Mejja – Utawezana Official Video. 2.3 M views in 1 week. Same position.
2.Dj Shiti reaction to Azziad Nasenya’s Utawezana video. 413 k views in 5 days. Same position.
3. Alikiba – Dodo Official Video, with Hamisa Mobeto featured. 1.6M views in 3 days. Same position.
4. Dogo Charlie’s Parody of Femi One x Mejja in which he sings for an avocado. 314 k views in 3 days. Number 5 yesterday.
5. Kevin Otieno Patient Number 34 – Eric Omondi’s Parody of Mutahi Kagwe’s press briefings. 333k views in 4 days. Down 1 position.
6. Nyashinski – Glory. Official Music Video. 207k views in 3 days. Same position.
7. 2020 – Boondocks Gang Covid-19 Music Video. 110k views in 1 day. New.
8. Vibaya – Otile Brown’s Official Music Video featuring his new white lover Maddijewitt. 236k views in 3 days. Down 1 position.
9. Switch TV – ‘Utawezana‘ Queen Azziad shares the messages she received from men. 133k views in 1 day. New.
10. Zuchu – Wana. Official Music Video in which WCB’s new signing Zuchu sings her debut with the label. New.

Honorable mentions:

  • Sailors – Dunda (Official Lyrics) 131k views in 3 days
  • NTV Kenya – “The virus is real: Kenyan patient shares experience from his hospital bed. 325k views in 5 days
  • Switch TV – Zari Hassan’s brother shares a photo of Azziad Nasenya, Queen of Utawezana Challenge. 123k views in 2 days
  • Timmy TDAT – Pengting Official Music Video. 104k views in 2 days
  • Churchill Show Sn09 Ep8 Professor Hamo’s Journey – 111k views in 5 days
  • Stephen Kasolo – Dawa Ya Corona Official Video – 36k views in 1 day
  • Sky News Australia – Special Report: China’s deadly coronavirus cover-up – 6M views in 1 week
  • Arrow Bwoy – Toto Official Music Video 70k views in 2 days

What Kenyans were reading most on Tuko, 11th April

  1. 77 year old actress Charity Mwamba opens up on her life without her children around – 140,000+ views
  2. Couple who wedded 3 days after meeting celebrate 37 years of marriage – 111, 000+ views
  3. Julie Gichuru unleashes throwback photo with Noordin Haji as freshers at University of Wales – 40,000+ views
  4. Africans evicted from hotels in China over coronavirus fears – 30,000 + views
  5. Coronavirus in Kenya: 2-year-baby among new covid-19 positive cases – 20,000+ views
  6. Andrew KIbe hits out at netizens who made fun o fhis dirty kitchen – 17,000+ views
  7. CS Fred Matiangi’ bans poorly organised food donations after Kibra deaths – 14,000+ views
  8. Kibra: Raila Odinga’s donations turn chaotic as residents fight over food – 13,000 + views
  9. Nairobi magistrate, KDF officer arrested drinking outside curfew hours – 12,000 + views
  10. Kenyatta University students develop ventilators in fight against COVID-19 – 11,000+ views

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