Just by the hype I think the difference is just so clear. The heavily hyped and student-sponsored Bloodbath even took place. Without any funds coming from the school it sure outperformed it’s expectations. Before a further look into the details, the posters!!.This two events are themed rather differently making one want to drool for the prizes at the hangout party and the fun scale at the BLOODBATH event. With an extra spice to the BLOODBATH event of maybe cash to be won and some booze that comrades seem to live for or rather would dance for, the even would have caused a tremor. The hangout party is set to take place on the 28th and hell yes, with all that money and booze to be won the expectations are high. We definitely waiting for the fun contrast. Probably the posters just understate or overstate the whole event. The event contrast is coming next and guess what!! It’s in VIDEO FORMAT!! it’s gonna be lit! Stay tuned it’s up next!!!

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