Twenty Bob Ni Mingi Sana Bytha

A good number of Dekut students are already in school. Most finalists are busy preparing for the exams and dealing with the pending lab sessions. After the senate directed that all continuing students report back by the end of the month, it is expected that the number of comrades will continue rising.

Any comrade will tell you that this is not an easy time. Apart from the stress of having to prepare for up to two exams with zero content in our heads and countless assignments that we didn’t submit online, there is the stress of money. As if having to deal with school fees and landlords is not enough, it now costs sh 100 to and from town.

Sh 100!!!

Now this would be fair if the likes of Nyekicha were to carry less passengers in accordance with the covid-19 regulations. But that’s not what they are doing. Comrades are being fully packed into matatus and still being required to pay sh 50.

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The saddest thing is that we are going along with it. We are letting the matatu guys rob us in broad daylight, like children and fools. Comrades, Sh 20 is a lot of money. We all know that in the VIP hotel near the catholic hostels, sh 20 is usually enough for rice and mix. That’s a whole meal that we are allowing them to steal from us.

Are we seriously getting loans from HELB so that the money can be robbed from us by matatu conductors in broad daylight?

And if we continue to let them do this, eventually, the government will allow matatus to carry 14 passengers again and since Nyekicha know we are cowards who can’t do anything to defend ourselves, they will continue charging us sh. 50. When we make a little noise, they will blame the sh 50 fare on an imaginary rise in the cost of fuel and like the fools that we are, we will let ourselves continue being oppressed.

We can’t let that happen. We have to show the likes of Nyekicha that we will no longer lie down peacefully and let them walk on us.

And the solution is very simple.

Carry coins as you go to town. Make it clear before you board the vehicle that you will not pay sh. 50 for no reason. And the only reason that you would pay sh. 50 is if you have boarded the matatu at the stage and covid-19 regulations have been followed. Otherwise, any sensible person will pay sh. 30.

On your way to town, if your matatu is not full, you know it’s only because the conductor has not found people. If he finds people, of course he won’t leave them. So you will pay sh. 50 at the beginning of the journey alafu mkifika town mtakuwa 14 and you will have been made a fool out of. Do not pay anything more than 30 bob to town.

It will only take our collective action for a few days to show those thieving touts that we can’t just be taken advantage of without doing anything about it. All it takes is unity. And I know that unity has been lacking in the past; not because we are stupid but because there was no proper platform to spread such information. However, things have changed now. DekuTrends has made arrangements with class reps such that this message has been shared to every class and will therefore get to every Dekut comrade.

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The rest is up to you as an individual. You must resist the small oppression today to prevent the crippling oppression tomorrow. If we show our oppressors that there is nothing we can do to defend ourselves, they will continue being bolder in their oppression and we will have only ourselves to blame.

Now that we have a platform to unite all of us, we must work towards making united action the norm for Dekut comrades. We must learn to prosper together or be forced to suffer in misery individually.

Our enemies have repeatedly used divide and conquer to totally defeat us. It’s time for that to end. United we prosper, divided we suffer.

DekuTrends is dedicated towards a united and prosperous Dekut comrade fraternity.

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